Millersville University, Faculty Senate
4 May 1999

Minutes of April 20 Meeting: The minutes were amended to reflect the following wording changes:

Distance Learning Approval Process. Item c. should now read: The first sentence of the second paragraph was deleted and the second sentence revised.

"Faculty are presently learning how to implement the necessary methods for distance learning. Eventually these methods will be incorporated into the repertoire of the effective and efficient instructor, somewhat in the way that an overheard projector has become incorporated into the range of available technologies."

Courses & Programs

Chairperson Piperberg said that the question on the wording relating to ITEC 456 Digital Imaging had been satisfied. The course was approved

ITEC Departmental Honors - approved

BIO 462 Molecular Biology - approved.

Applied Musicianship Package - approved. The wording for the catalog (see minutes p. 4627) is to be discussed.

General Education Objectives Proposal

The following objectives were passed without discussion:

13. Coherence
14. Diversity
15. Historical Consciousness (see Senate Minutes pp. 4624 and 4625)

A D. Eidam/M. Warmkessel amendment to replace " and defend with reasons" in 16a with "rationally support" was passed.

A C. Desmond/B. Dorman amendment to delete "their own" in 16a. was passed.

A B. Mowery/W. Wolf amendment to change the wording of 16b. to read "Understand and treat with respect the perspectives of others" was passed.

A B.Dorman/C. Stameshkin amendment to eliminate "real life" on item 16c was passed.

An R. Davis/G. Yelogates motion to delete "academic" in item 16d was passed.

Item 16, as amended, was passed by the Senate.

With time about to expire, the meeting was adjourned at 5:45 p.m.

Agenda Item XI will be considered at the Summer meeting of the Senate - June 15, Myers Auditorium, McComsey at 3:00 p.m.

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