Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Action Summary

Meeting of the Faculty Senate

13 June 2000


1. The following changes in courses/curricula were approved by Senate:

(1) Change in course title from THEA 211 (Acting) to THEA 230 (Acting II) 3 credits. Change in the course number and title. Also a prerequisite of THEA 130 (Acting I), formally THEA 110 (Acting), has been added. Effective retroactive to Fall 1999.

(2) PSYC 335: Personality Theory; 3 credits, Gen Ed G3 designation is sought effective as of Fall 2000.

(3) Chemistry 110, Fundamentals of Chemistry, 3 credits: The course description has been changed and the course will now count toward elective block. Effective Fall 2001.

(4) The Senate approved a change of cumulative QPA requirement for admission to student teaching from 2.00 to 2.5; this brings the policy in line with current APS (Advanced Professional Studies) policy. Also a change in the policy includes successful completion of early field experiences prior to admission into student teaching. Effective Fall 2001.

2. Faculty Emeritus: The title of Assistant Professor was granted to David G. Bird in Elementary and Early Childhood Education and to Kay Kramer in Educational Foundations. (see attachments)

3. A motion was passed to present the issue of wearing decorations at student graduation to The Commencement committee for further review.

4. A motion was passed to officially change the name of the Political Science Department to the Department of Government and Political Affairs. (see attachment)

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