Millersville University, Faculty Senate
Action Summary
Faculty Senate Meeting
September 18, 2001

(1) Sepi Yalda from the University Theme Committee passed out that Committee's recommendation (see attachment) for the 2002 - 2003 University Theme. The proposed theme is "Crossing Boundaries: Decolonizing the Curriculum". The motion to name this theme as the 2002- 2003 University Theme passed without dissent.

(2) The Senate took up discussion of snow delays and cancellations. In order to facilitate a possible implementation by Spring 2002 for at least part of such a proposal, Senate decided to discuss the issue of one- and two-hour snow delays first; it was felt that this issue might lend itself to a simpler solution. Two models were proposed last Spring (see attachments to September 4, 2001 minutes). In one- and two-hour delays, the first and sometimes the second class of the day can be greatly impacted in semesters when the University experiences snow/weather delays, especially if there are delays on more than one day. Both attached proposals suggest models for taking time from a number of classes to make up the time that has been lost to the delay. In this way, a number of classes may lose 6 - 12 minutes instead of one or two classes being eliminated completely. The models have the potential to cause confusion, but once a model is decided upon discussion suggested that Senate members believe that sufficient publicity about the policy and availability of the delay schedule on the Website and perhaps in each semester's course registration roster might alleviate this problem somewhat. Rather than designate a specific model, a Fenwick/Wismer motion/resolution to ask the Administration to consider a delay schedule, using the two proposals as models, was passed.
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