Millersville University, Faculty Senate
Action Summary
Faculty Senate Meeting
October 2, 2001

(1) It has been requested that Rich Frerichs and Jen Miller exchange seats on the Faculty Student Athletic Committee. Rich Frerichs has been chairing that Committee for several years to date, and has agreed to continue on as Chair. Jen Miller would, in turn, serve as a member on that committee for at least a year. She made this request after having spoken with Rich and discovering the depth and complexity of his role as Chair. It is Jen Miller's intention to serve on the committee and acquire greater knowledge of its business before making a long term commitment to functioning as Chair.

There was a Dorman/Börger-Greco motion to allow Rich Frerichs to continue as Chair of the Faculty-Student Athletic Committee while Jen Miller fills the seat to which he had been elected so that she can learn about the Committee's operation. The motion passed without dissent.

(2) Dr. Fenwick proposed that William Archibald from the English Department be nominated to serve on the General Education Review Committee given the large number of vacancies on that committee. This would require a suspension of the rules since both Humanities seats on that committee are already filled. There was a Sciarretta/Luek motion to suspend the rules for this purpose. The motion passed without dissent. Chairperson Piperberg stated that he would designate William Archibald's seat as a one-year, at-large seat on the Committee roster. This will allow us to keep track of the remaining lengths of term on the vacant seats.

(3) There was a Heintzelman/Börger-Greco motion that William Archibald be placed on the ballot for the General Education committee for the At-Large seat (one-year term) approved earlier in the meeting. The motion passed without dissent.

Lisa Best was nominated to serve on the Judicial Board Committee as Alternate. Mark Iannone was nominated to a Science/Math seat on the Academic Policies Committee. Martha Widmayer was nominated to the Humanities seat on the University Theme Committee.

(4) There was a Dorman/Wismer motion made to grant to those nominees running without opposition the seats for which they had been nominated seats. The motion passed and the aforementioned people were elected.
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