Millersville University, Faculty Senate
Action Summary
Faculty Senate Meeting
October 16, 2001

(1) The courses listed below were approved:

NEW UNDERGRADUATE COURSE ESCI 445 - Numerical Modeling of the Atmosphere and Oceans, 3 credits, elective in the Earth Science Meteorology Option. Effective Spring 2002.

CHANGES IN COURSES/CURRIULA OSEH 120 - Fundamentals of Safety, Health and Environmental Issues, 3 credits, addition of G3 label.

(2) Dr. Wismer presented an Emeritus resolution for Dr. Sandra Yeager. {See attachment} A Wismer/Stein motion was made to grant Dr. Yeager the honorary title of Associate Professor of Chemistry Emeritus. The motion passed without dissent.

(3) There was a discussion about the cancellation of classes and delays. It was suggested that there be some amendments made to the proposal presented by Dr. Dorman. Senate spent time correcting the language in the proposal. There was a Joe Lynch motion to pass the proposal as amended. The proposal passed without dissent.

(4) Elections {see attached committee roster for present committee composition}

(5) The issue of whether courses outside the traditional social sciences should in the future be allowed to have a G3 label has been referred to the Academic Policies Committee as the result of a motion that passed without dissent. This issue will, of course, be generalized to any course requesting a General Education label from other than its department's division.

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