Millersville University, Faculty Senate
Action Summary
Faculty Senate Meeting
May 7, 2002

There were three proposals, all of which passed without dissent.

Redefinition and replacement of existing courses (ART 362 - Printmaking 1, ART 363 - Printmaking 2, ART 462 - Printmaking 3, ART 463 - Printmaking 4, ART 563 - Printmaking 5) with new, topic-based courses in each of the traditional fine art printmaking media (relief, intaglio, lithography & silkscreen). These courses will be offered in place of the introductory and advanced printmaking courses currently offered. This one proposal includes 11 separate course proposals.

Revisions to the Printmaking electives sequence in B. A. Art, B. A. Art: Commercial Art option, B. S. E. Art Education, and B. F. A. Art.
The change requests a change in course titles, course numbers, course content and course descriptions.

Elementary Education Science Option
Presently students are required to take 22 - 24 credits for the ELED Science Option in addition to an additional 6 credits in science for the General Education requirement. This has led to the concern that students could not complete the Science Option as presently constituted in a timely fashion. Thus, the proposed change will require students to take 16 credits to fulfill the Science Option and 6 - 8 credits to fulfill the General Education requirement for a total of 22 - 24 credits.

The Senate passed without dissent the revisions made to the Academic Proposal Cover Sheet after a Kevorkian/Wismer motion.

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