Millersville University, Faculty Senate
Action Summary
Faculty Senate Meeting
September 3, 2002

Proposed Courses and Programs

(1) School Nurse Certification Curriculum Changes - A request was made to eliminate the one meeting rule regarding this proposal. As a result of newly approved CHAPTER 354 from the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) a revision is needed in the admission and completion criteria for certification programs. In addition to CHAPTER 354, the PDE has revised the STANDARDS, POLICIES AND PROCEDURES FOR STATE APPROVAL OF CERTIFICATION OF PROFESSIONAL EDUCATORS FOR THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS OF PENNSYLVANIA and must be implemented beginning in the Fall semester 2001. As a result of the changes in Chapter 49 and the new Chapter 354, the following are the newly proposed School Nurse Certification Program Criteria and the School Nurse Certification Curriculum. The School Nurse Certification Program is a POST-BACCALAUREATE CERTIFICATION PROGRAM. Students would need to complete a graduate application and submit transcripts, recommendations, and GRE/Miller Analogy Results to the Graduate Studies Office in order to process admission into the program. A Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree and a current license as a Registered Nurse in this state are required for certification of School Nurse candidates. The desired effective date for the proposal is Fall 2001.

The certification curriculum was approved without dissent.


EDSP 562: Post-Baccalaureate Student Teaching, 6-12 credits. This course will focus on student teaching at an advanced level for graduate students. Post-baccalaureate students will take this course upon completion of their teacher preparation course work. The desired effective date is Fall 2002

The course was approved without dissent.

Earlier a Kerper/Stine motion was made to refer the item about the advisability of experimental graduate courses to the Graduate Program and Course Review Committee. The motion carried.

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