Millersville University, Faculty Senate
Action Summary
Faculty Senate Meeting
October 1, 2002

The Foreign Languages Department seeks to make HUMN 280 (Spanish Literature in English) a General Education (G1) course. Senator Wismer also moved consideration of this proposal at the current meeting. The motion to waive the One-Meeting rule for this proposal passed without dissent.

Senator R. Wismer mentioned a Board of Governors requirement for 40% of coursework (48 credits) to be composed of junior and senior level courses. He suggested that the definition of a junior level course needed to be firmly established to facilitate compliance with this BOG requirement. This matter was referred to the Academic Policies Committee upon passage of a R. Mowrey and R. Bookmiller motion, which included a charge to resolve any inconsistencies between the Governance Manual, the University Catalogs and any other relevant documents. Included in the motion to refer to Academic Policies was a charge for them to report back to Senate expeditiously.

Academic Theme Committee
Senator S. Yalda, outgoing Chair of the University Theme Committee, moved that next year's theme for the University be "Unity, Excellence and Strength Through Diversity". {see attachment} The motion passed without dissent.

Academic Standards Committee
Senator R. Kerper, Chairman of the committee, introduced a motion from the Committee to add the Director of Learning Services to the Committee membership. {see attachment} The motion passed without dissent.

The change in HUMN 280 (Spanish Literature in English), introduced earlier in the meeting, was approved.

HUMN 280 - Spanish Literature in English 3 cr. Requesting G1 General Education designation. Desired effective date is Spring 2003.

A R. Mowrey/B. Dorman motion, which closed nominations and directed the Senate Secretary to cast a ballot for all of the nominees, passed without dissent.

J. Fenwick asked that nominees be accepted to fill empty seats on the General Education Review Committee on a one-year, At-Large basis as has been done for the last couple of years. The request was honored and W. Archibald and J. Wimer were nominated to fill the seats. A similar request was made by R. Kerper, chair of the Academic Standards Committee. B. Ikenaga and S. DiBartolomeis were then nominated to fill vacancies on this committee on a one-year, At-Large basis. The nomination of M. Arnold to fill the Social Sciences seat on the Commencement Speaker Committee was also accepted. The elections for these seats will be held at the next meeting.

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