Millersville University, Faculty Senate
Action Summary
Faculty Senate Meeting
November 5, 2002

A B. Dorman/J. Lynch motion to suspend the Faculty Senate Meeting rules was considered. The motion was put forward to allow consideration of a special order to postpone the General Education Diversity (D) Requirement agenda item until the November 19 meeting. The motion passed without dissent.

A J. Fenwick/A. Bvrger-Greco motion followed, which called for the aforementioned special order. At the November 19 meeting, the D requirement will be taken up as Item #X right after Faculty Emeritus on the normal agenda and will be discussed until the subject is exhausted. The motion passed without dissent. Discussion on this issue will be limited to that meeting only.

An R. Wismer/B. Stengel motion to open all current Faculty Senate vacancies as one-year, At-Large positions passed without dissent. This will apply to all vacancies on Senate committees remaining after the third Senate meeting of the Fall semester.

General Education Review Committee Chairperson J. Fenwick made a motion to create a task force to study General Education trends and developments across the country. The motion passed without dissent. Elections for the new task force will be held at the November 19 meeting. Faculty will be notified via e-mail from the Provost's office about the openings on the new task force and nominations will be solicited.

R. Kerper introduced a proposal from the Academic Policies Committee, which revised the definition of Aupper level courses@ at Millersville. The proposal passed after a S. Luek/B. Dorman motion was passed to amend the proposal. {see attachment}

The New Incomplete Policy was passed after being amended twice: first, upon passage of a B. Stengel/B. Dorman motion and second, upon passage of a B. Stengel/R. Mowrey motion. {see attachment for the amended and approved policy}

The proposed revision of the Attendance Policy was returned to the Academic Policies Committee with recommendations for changes upon passage of an E. Blazer/B. Stengel motion. The committee was also urged to act as rapidly as possible. It is hoped that the revised policy will return to Senate at the November 19 meeting.

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