Millersville University, Faculty Senate
Action Summary
Faculty Senate Meeting
May 6, 2003

International Studies Recommendation by the Academic Policies Committee

  1. Faculty Senate directed the chair of the Academic Policies Committee to convene a joint meeting of all-curricular bodies and groups that are involved in interdisciplinary studies. These shall include:

    The purpose of this meeting is to charge the groups to frame interdisciplinary studies policy that meets the University's current needs and is flexible enough to accommodate future needs. This policy shall frame the following:

    Each group shall submit its final written report to the Academic Policies Committee by Thanksgiving Break (November 25, 2003). The Academic Policies Committee shall propose Interdisciplinary Studies policies by the first Faculty Senate meeting in March 2004.

  2. In the interim, the deans of each academic unit hold elections to fill vacant seats on the International Studies Curriculum Committee.

  3. The original APC recommendation below was replaced by a substitute B. Dorman/B. Stengel motion. The substitute motion appears below the original motion:

    The International Studies Curriculum Committee solicit nominations for the position of Coordinator of the International Studies Curriculum Committee, review all applications, and recommend one or more candidates for the president's or designee's consideration for interim appointment.

    Faculty Senate recommends to the Administration of the University that Robert Bookmiller should serve as International Studies Curriculum Coordinator until the beginning of the Fall 2004 term.

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