Millersville University, Faculty Senate
Action Summary
Faculty Senate Meeting
June 10, 2003

A B. Dorman/A. Borger-Greco motion was passed which waived the one-meeting rule for course approvals of the courses and curricula introduced formally at the current meeting.

The Experimental Course Policy for Graduate Studies was approved {see attachment}.

The proposed changes to the General Education section of the Governance Manual were approved.

Proposed Courses and Programs

The following course proposals were approved:

The following course proposals had problems. Two were resolved and the others were put on hold:

A J. Piperberg/C. Heintzelman motion passed which granted Dr. Carolyn Yoder the honorary title of Assistant Professor of Chemistry Emeritus.

A J. Piperberg/S. Yalda motion passed which granted Dr. James Parks the title of Professor of Biology Emeritus.

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