Millersville University, Faculty Senate
Action Summary
Faculty Senate Meeting
September 16, 2003

Four proposals were passed without dissent

Four resolutions supporting the following Faculty Emeritus were passed without dissent:
Dr. Rodrigo Solera for Professor of Spanish Emeritus, Gaudry-Hudson/Luek motion,
Dr. Olga del C. Iglesias for Professor of Spanish Emerita, Gaudry-Hudson/Luek motion,
Dr. Karen L. Black for Professor of Russian Emerita, Gaudry-Hudson/Heintzelman motion and
Dr. Hans G. Skitter for Professor of German Emeritus, Gaudry-Hudson/Stine motion.

A Fenwick/Blazer motion to close nominations for those seats where there was only one nominee and to direct the Secretary to cast a ballot in favor of those candidates passed without dissent. The elections for the remaining contested seats were conducted as well.

A Bookmiller/Blazer motion to establish the award passed with one dissenting vote, Senator Kerper, who explained the objections of his department to the proposal. Since a number of suggestions were made related to the details of the proposal (composition of the selection committee, criteria for the award, etc.), Senator Yalda agreed to incorporate the suggestions into the proposal. It will then be circulated to the Senate via e-mail for further comment and feedback. The revised proposal will be brought back for approval at an upcoming Senate meeting, perhaps by October 7.

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