Millersville University, Faculty Senate
Action Summary
Faculty Senate Meeting
May 1, 2007

The minutes of the April 17, 2007 meeting of the Faculty Senate were approved as corrected.

A Warmkessel/Edeh Herr motion to forward the Implementation Proposal to Academic Policies Committee was approved with one dissenting vote.

A Mollah/Kevorkian motion to approve the change to the BA GEOG, Applied option contingent on correction of the program credits listed was approved without dissent.

The ITEC proposal to recognize OSEH and ITEC/EDTE as separate departments for the purpose of counting General Education courses was approved by a vote of 11 yes, 11 no and a tie-breaking yes vote from Senate Chair.

A DeCaria/Igyor motion that Dr. Yin Soong be granted the honorary title of Professor of Earth Sciences (Oceanography) Emeritus was approved without dissent.

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