Millersville University, Faculty Senate

TO: Professor Donald Eidam
Faculty Senate Chairperson
FROM: Francine G. McNairy
Provost and Vice President
for Academic Affairs
DATE: March 17, 1998

As the President's designee, I am informing you of the approval of the following Faculty Senate Curricular Actions:

1. Faculty Senate actions at meeting on February 17, 1998

COMMENT: Faculty Senate affirmed the revision to the original policy recommended by Deans' Council (see 12/10/97 Stager memo to Eidam). School Deans will remind Department Chairs of the procedure to request approval for requiring half the option to be c ompleted at Millersville.

2. Faculty Senate actions at meeting on March 3, 1998


c: Ms. Frances Axsmith, Assistant Registrar
Ms. Candace Deen, Academic Information Officer
Mr. Mariano Gonzalez, University Registrar
Ms. Joy Garcia Tien, Acting Director of Academic Advisement
Ms. Rachael Wywadis, Associate Registrar
Dr. Michael Dianna, Chair, Elementary & Early Childhood Education
Dr. Carol Heintzelman, Chair, Social Work
Dr. Carol Hepfer, Chair, Biology
Deans' Council

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