Millersville University Faculty Senate

Administrative Approvals
15 August 2001

TO: Dr. Joel Piperberg
Faculty Senate Chairperson
FROM: Francine G. McNairy
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
DATE: August 15, 2001

As the President's designee, I am informing you of the approval of the following Faculty Senate Curricular Actions:

  1. Faculty Senate actions at meeting on November 21, 2000

    New Undergraduate Courses:

COMMENT: The above three courses provide an innovative approach to meeting the interdisciplinary perspectives requirement. All three sections will be offered at the same day and time, with students registering for one of the three sections. The faculty will work closely together with the classes meeting in large sections and the students rotating among the three faculty in smaller sections throughout the term.

Cc: Ms Frances Axsmith, Assistant Registrar, Lyle
Ms Rachael Wywadis, Associate Registrar, Lyle
Ms Candae Deen, Acting Registrar, Lyle
Dr. Paul Specht, Acting Director, Academic Advisement, Lyle

Dr. James Stager, APAA, Biemesderfer
Dr. Carol Phillips, APAPS, Biemesderfer
Dr. Jane Bray, Dean- EDUC, Stayer
Dr. Edward Shane, Dean-SCMA, Science & Technology Building, Roddy
Dr. Rita Marinho, Dean-HMSS, McComsey
Dr. Daniel Heslink, Acting Assoc. Dean-HMSS, McComsey
Dr. Duncan Perry, Graduate Dean, Lyle

Dr. Tracey Weis, Associate Professor-History-McComsey
Dr. Beverly Skinner, Assistant Professor-English-Hash
Dr. R. Christopher Corley, Assistant Professor-Music-Northumberland

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