Millersville University Faculty Senate

Administrative Approvals
27 February 2004

TO: Registrar's Office
Academic Advisement
FROM: Dr. Carol Y. Phillips
Executive Assistant to the President
DATE: February 27, 2004
SUBJ: Notification of Minor Curricular Change(s)

The following curricular changes have been approved for the Psychology Department, effective fall 2004.

B.A. Psychology Curricular Change, effective fall 2004
Psychology core electives successfully completed exceeding the 12-semester hour requirement may be substituted in the Psychology general electives requirement.

Rationale: Out of the fifteen courses listed for the Psychology core electives block, 12-semester hours are required (4 courses). Allowing up to six credits of Psychology core elective courses exceeding the 12-semester hour requirement to count towards the Psychology general electives area creates greater flexibility for the student to complete their major field requirements.

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