Millersville University Faculty Senate

Administrative Approvals
11 June 2004

TO: Registrar's Office
Academic Advisement
FROM: Dr. Carol Y. Phillips
Executive Assistant to the President
DATE: June 11, 2004
SUBJ: Notification of Minor Curricular Change(s)

Through the catalog revision process, the following changes have been identified as minor curricular changes for the Art Department, effective winter 2005.

Program Revised Program Title
BA ART - Visual Communications/Graphic Design Option BA ART - Graphic Design Option

Minor Program Change Minor Curricular Change
BA Art and BA Art, Graphic Design option Delete ART 233 - Drawing II from Core Foundations, reducing the Core Foundations requirement to 12 credits. The overall major field requirements do not change from 48 minimum credit hours. Students will have more flexibility with selecting elective art courses.

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