Millersville University Faculty Senate

Administrative Approvals
16 May 2005

TO: Registrar's Office
Academic Advisement
FROM: Dr. Carol Y. Phillips
Executive Assistant to the President
DATE: May 16, 2005
SUBJ: Notification of Minor Curricular Change(s)

The following change has been identified as a minor curricular change for the Educational Foundations department, effective FALL 2005.

Curricular Change Old Course Number New Course Number
Renumbering Course EDFN 230 - Instructional Technology in Art Education EDAR 330/530 - Instructional Technology in Art Education
Rationale: Change in prefix and number more accurately reflects the character of the course based in art pedagogy and will strengthen the art program's ability to demonstrate their program design for accreditation purposes. The nature of the course is rooted in the practice of art and is consistently taught by practicing artist/educators. Cross listing the course allows the course to be offered for post-baccalaureate students.
NOTE: Equivalent courses at MU - EDFN 130, 320/520, 330/530, 333/533. Also, EDFN 230 is currently on the schedule for fall 2005. The Registrar's Office will have to move the students enrolled for the EDFN 230 to the new EDAR 330 course. Depending on the enrollment in the course, the process may be time intensive. Once the students are in the new course number, they will be notified of the schedule change.

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