MU Faculty Senate--AY2004-2005 Administrative Approvals Millersville University Faculty Senate

Administrative Approvals
13 July 2005

TO: Registrar's Office
Academic Advisement
FROM: Dr. Carol Y. Phillips
Executive Assistant to the President
DATE: July 13, 2005
SUBJ: Notification of Minor Curricular Change(s)

The following changes have been identified as minor curricular changes for the Geography department, effective WINTER 2006.

Curricular Change Old Course Number New Course Number
Renumbering Course GEOG 241 - Comparative Regional Geography (G3) GEOG 141 - Comparative Regional Geography (G3)
Rationale: Course renumbering better reflects the level of preparation assumed and better positions the course relative to other 200-level geography courses.

Comment: With the renumbering to the 100-level, the course will NOT count towards the Liberal Arts Core Courses at the 200-level or higher requirement. Also, GEOG 241 used to be numbered GEOG 141 from 198720-198960.

7/13/05: Since GEOG 241 has over 135 students registered possibly to satisfy the Liberal Arts Core Courses at the 200-level or higher requirement, the effective date has been moved forward to WINTER 2006 to accommodate these students.

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