MU Faculty Senate--AY2005-2006 Administrative Approvals Millersville University Faculty Senate

Administrative Approvals
6 December 2005

TO: Registrar's Office
Academic Advisement
FROM: Dr. Carol Y. Phillips
Executive Assistant to the President
DATE: December 6, 2005
SUBJ: Notification of Minor Curricular Change(s)

The following change has been identified as a minor curricular change for the Earth Sciences department, effective Summer 2006.

Course Curricular Change: Pre-requisite
ESCI 227 - Mineralogy Pre-req: ESCI 221 and CHEM 112
  Revised Pre-req ESCI 221 and Pre-req or Co-req CHEM 112
Rationale: CHEM 111 provides the required background material for students to successfully complete ESCI 227. Additional coursework in CHEM 112 provides a better framework for ESCI 227 but is not necessary as a pre-requisite. Changing the CHEM 112 to a co-requisite provides the students the opportunity to complete her/his coursework in a timely manner.

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