Millersville University, Faculty Senate



5 September 1995

DATE: 15 August 1995
TO: Members of the Faculty Senate
FROM: Marvin Margolis, Secretary
SUBJECT: Meeting of the Faculty Senate 5 September 1995, 4:05-5:45 p.m.
Chryst Hall, room 210

I. Minutes of the 13 June 1995 meeting
II. Report of the Faculty Senate Chairperson
III. Report of the Student Senate President
IV. Reports of the Administrative Officers
V. Reports of the Faculty Senate Standing Committee
VI. Special Reports of the Faculty Senate Committees
VII. Faculty Emeritus
VIII. Proposed Courses
Course under the two-meeting rule

Course s.h. Number of Meetings to Challenge

3 1

3 1

3 1

3 2

4 2

IX. Faculty Senate Elections
Senate will hold its annual elections. See Attachment A for the Notice of Fall Elections and a form to make nominations in advance.