Millersville University, Faculty Senate


Faculty Senate Meeting

18 September 1990

Chairperson Gregoire called the Faculty Senate meeting to order at 4:05 p.m. in Ganser Auditorium. All departments were represented except Communications/Theatre, and Geography. Jennifer Crissman, Tom DiMeo, Doug Killough, and Melissa Magyar served as student Senate representatives. The minutes of the 4 September 1990 meeting were approved on a Hungerford/Oppenheimer motion.

Faculty Senate Chairperson

The chairperson discussed the issue of continuing the senate commencement speaker committee. The committee is different from the Millersville University commencement committee. She talked with President Caputo and J. Eckert about the role of the speaker committee. As a result of the talks, she is placing the committee's role on the next meeting's agenda as a discussion item.

She also discussed the appointment of a senator to the joint-senate retention committee task force which looks at the freshman year experience. It is composed of two members from the retention committee, G. Stine and R. Desouza, and three senators. Two of the three are N. Hungerford and L.F. Woskowiak. The chairperson appointed E. Pease as a third senator to replace A. Ceara.

R. Rickelman indicated to the chairperson that he has resigned as senator of the Elementary & Early Childhood Education Department. The department elected R. Wilson to fill the one year term.

The chairperson and secretary are compiling a list of senate committees and task force will be asked to make a report to senate periodically, i.e., at least once every academic year. Please let the chairperson know when senators can make a report for their committees, so that the chairperson can put dates on senate agendas, otherwise she will have to ask senators to do so.

Student Senate President

President Jennifer Crissman reported that student senate had an organizational meeting and elections on Thursday evening 13 September 1990. Among others, student senators elected members for the undergraduate course and program review committee, the university judicial board, student services, and two committees composed entirely of students.

Student senate discussed the possibility of changing their composition to increase the role of graduate students. Currently no graduate students serve in the student senate. It also discussed the hours Ganser library will be open this semester. Student senators expressed concern about a possible faculty strike and student safety.

Administrative Officers

President Caputo shared news about Project 30 with the senate. While the Carnegie sponsored program is now terminated, MU continues to commit to Project 30. MU was nominated for a Christa McAuliffe prize sponsored by the American Association of State Colleges and Universities. MU was one of eleven institutions out of over 400 nationally that has received a Christa McAullife award. Normally it is given in ten categories. MU received an award in the pedagogy seminar category.

Associate Provost Stager announced that MU is the recipient of a five year half million dollar grant. Last year the senate's co-op advisory committee proposed that the co-op program be expanded to more depatments and students. Senate endorsed the concept a year ago. G. Weiss and F. Rozman applied to the co-op office and triple the size of the program. More information will be forthcoming, but there are no plans to change procedures and policies at this point.

Undergraduate Course and Program Review Committee

Chairperson Centola introduced for approval under the three meeting rule CSCI 458: Expert Systems, and BUAD 454: Small Business Management. Centola, acting for the committee, moved that: All Writing (W) couses be limited to at least three (3) credit hours. G. Weiss seconded the motion. N. Hungerford called the question. The motion passed unanimously.

Academic Policies Committee

Chairperson Eidam announced that the first meeting would be next week.

The Committee on Centrally Administered Cooperative Education/Internship Programs

Chairperson Weiss announced a meeting for next week and asked that the minutes remind departments to submit their revised policies to the committee by October first. He reminded senators to speak to their departments.

Proposed Courses and Programs

There were no challenges for courses proposed under the three-meeting rule. A Centola/Clark motion to approve ESCI 427: Engineering Properties of Earth Materials passed unanimously. A Centola/Luek motion to approve the undergraduate option: B.S. in Geology - Engineering Geology also passed unanimously.

Special Elections

Senate needed to elect a representative on the University Archives Advisory Committee to serve a 2-year term beginning Fall 1990. The nominee replaces R. Wright and need not be a senator. The committee develops policies for placing and encourages people to place items in the university archives. Membership is representative of all university divisions. Last year it met at least once a month. Since there were no nominations, the chairperson postponed the election until the next meeting and asked senators to check with their departments for nominees.

Senate also needed to elect a chairperson for the Graduate Course and Program Review Committee to replace R. Rickelman. The chairperson's 3-year term expires in 1992. R. Wilson Nominated himself. A hungerford/Pease motion to close nominations passed unanimously and R. Wilson was elected by acclimation.

Proficiency Policies

The item was postponed from the agenda of the 24 July 1990 meeting. The academic policies committee proposed four motions each for changing MU's English and Mathematics proficiency requirements. See their proposal distributed at the senate meeting of 1 May 1990, and Attachment C to the 24 July 1990 minutes. Two representatives from the committee, Bill Smith from Philosophy and Bob Smith from Mathematics, attended the meeting to assist in explaining the motions. B. Smith was also the alternate senator from the Philosophy department.

D. Eidam/S. Centola moved Motion One for proficiency in Mathematics as stated on page 2888 of Attachment C to the 24 July 1990 minutes. A M. Arnold/S. Ha motion to delete the phrase "...entering the university..." from the first line of Motion One passed unanimously.

Senator Eidam proposed that senate consider Motion One for proficiency in English as stated on page 2890 of Attachment C to the 24 July 1990 minutes, next, since it is parallel to Motion One for Mathematics proficiency. D. Eidam/F. Oppenheimer moved Motion One for English proficiency with the following changes: Delete the phrase "...entering the University..." and remove commas after the words "students" and "higher." Senate approved the motion unanimously.

D. Eidam/S. Ha moved (2) Motion Twos for proficiency in Mathematics and English simultaneously. R. Wilson/E. Pease moved to amend the (2) Motion Twos to say, "Such students must enroll every semester..." instead of "Such students must continuously enroll in the course..." N. Hungerford called the question on the amendment. After a close voice vote, T. Madonna called for division. The amendment failed.

C. McLeod/J. Ground moved to amend the motions to change the text to say "Such students must repeat the course until they have demonstrated..." The amendment passed. The (2) Motion Twos for proficiency in Mathematics and English as amended then passed unanimously. D. Eidam/S. Centola moved (2) Motion Threes for proficiency in Mathematics and English simultaneously. The motions passed unanimously.

D. Eidam removed himself from moving the (2) Motion fours simultaneously since his department directed him to propose an amended Motion Four for proficiency in Mathematics. The amended Motion Four is Attachment C to the 26 June 1990 minutes. B. Smith/J. Tannehill moved the (2) Motion Fours. D. Eidam/S. Centola moved to amend the motions as explained in Attachment C to the 26 June 1990 minutes. The amendment passed. The (2) Motion Fours as amended passed.

S. Centola/D. Eidam moved to amend Motion Three for English proficiency to state, "Students placed in a developmental English course must satisfactorily complete it with a grade of C or above prior..." The amendment to Motion Three passed.

Motion Lying on the Table

S. Centola/T. Mertz moved that senate take the motion concerning General Education requirements in the Science/Mathematics block off the table and make it an agenda item. The motion passed unanimously.

The chairperson adjourned the meeting at 5:39 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Marvin S. Margolis


Note: The next meeting will be 4:00 p.m., 2 October 1990, in Ganser Auditorium.