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Faculty Senate Meeting

5 October 1993

Chairperson D. Eidam called the meeting to order at 4:05 p.m. in Ganser Auditorium. Regina Tellado, Terri Cawley, Tom Skelly, Nicole George and Jeremy Haugh represented the Student Senate. All departments except Administrative Faculty were represented.


The minutes of the 21 September 1993 meeting were approved as presented.



Chairperson D. Eidam announced that begining Spring semester 1994 Senate meetings will be held in Chryst Hall, Room 210. He has appointed Dr. C. Braun (BUAD) to the Traffic Appeals Committee. Further, Chairperson Eidam reported on the 22 September meeting of the commencement Committee at which it was decided Dean's Council should consider the possibility of each each undergraduate's being individually recognized by walking across, or in front of, the platform and, perhaps, being photographed by a professional. Finally, the policy on the Sociology/Anthropology QPA requirements which was passed by the Senate on 21 September 1993 included both BA and BSE majors. Chairperson Eidam explained the BSE social studies majors are not majors in the department of emphasis, but are supervised by a subcommittee of the Teacher Education Council(TEC). Thus the Senate must amend its previous action.

Student Senate president

Jeremy haugh announced that student members of Senate committees have been assigned and he introduced the new student representatives to the Faculty Senate: Nicole George, Regina Tellado, Terri Cawley, and Tom Skelley. Chairperson Eidam thanked J. Haugh for his prompt handling of students-to-committees assignemnts.

Administrative Officers

President Caputo announced the Chancellor's office's approval of the Women Studies minor. He congratulated Dr. C. Counihan, in particular, for her efforts in creating and managing the program. Dr. Caputo also noted Aasma Chaudhary has been named as the student trustee, and he said Stanley Johnson, the student with meningitis was still in critical condition. Lastly, Dr.Caputo mentioned that Millersville University was named in a US News and world Report survey of "Best College Values"(11 October 1993) as a good "Sticker Price" among regional Universities. US News is the latest to notice the quality and affordability of MU, as Dr. Caputo reminded the Senators of previous favorable comments in Money Magazine, How to get an Ivy-League Education at Half the Price, and Pennsylvania magazine.

Vice-president for Student Affairs Reighard began by announcing Dr. Mary Anne Gray-Schlegel's acceptance of the President's appointment to serve as MU's NCAA representative. He continuded his report with a summary of Stanely Johnson's affairs office, and Dr. Caputo responded to the situation. Dr. Reighard reported while six hundred students received preventative care only about one dozen were actually in any danger. He responded to several rumors, which were false reports, and he announced both a radio show on campus and a public service presentation by a state health official on 7 October were planned. Chairperson Eidam, on behalf of the Senators, gratefully acknowledged Student Affair's excellent management of this event and urged all Senators to distribute the "Fact sheet on Meningitis" which Dr. Reighard's office prepared.

Standing Committee Reports


Senator C. McLeod introduced the following new courses under the three-meeting rule:

PSCI 221:Comparative Politics, a new three-credit non General Education course seeking GE approval effective Spring 1994.

PSCI 325: Politics of East Asia, a new three-credit non General Education course seeking GE approval effective Spring 1993.

PSCI 352: Political Organizations a new three-credit non General Education course seeking GE approval effective Spring 1994.

PSCI 355: American Foreign Policy, an existing three-credit non-General Education course seeking GE approval effective Spring 1992.

Senator C. McLeod then placed two program changes from Psychology and Political Science on the 2 November agenda (see Attachmnet A&B). After a brief discussion, a McLeod-Stine motion to amend the QPA requirement for Sociology/Anthropology majors passed unanimously. The amended portion of the policy is : "All departmen majors (B.A. in Anthropology; B.A. in Sociology; B.A. in Sociology with a Criminal justice option) must obtain a cumulative QPA in the major of 2.5 prior to graduation...."

Graduate Course and Program Review

Senator F.Erickson introduced under the three-meeting rule the following courses:

ELED 600:Education in Today's Elementary School, 3 credits

EDTE 600:Teaching Technologies across the Disciplines, 3 credits

EDTE 601:Planning Technology Education Programs, 3 credits

EDTE 602:Technology:Impacts and Assessment, 3 credits


Senator K. Brooks reported on the 28 september meeting and annonced a forthcoming meeting 12 October. At their first fall meeting, organizations of and framework for the committee's activities were discussed. senator brooks explained the committee would be examining and investigating the roles of freshman orientation, faculty surveys, published research, and data bases in General Education evaluation and would be using these resources to make recommendations for program enchancement.


Senator R. Clark introduced an off-agenda item. He requested all course proposals be copied on both sides to reduce paper consumption.

Course Approvals

Chairperson D. Eidam successfully moved approval of COMM 101, COMM 301, COMM 401, and BUAD 357.



Election of the remaining member of the Faculty-Student Athletic Committee was completed. Patrick McCaskey will serve the three-year term. Other nominees were R. Bimson and M. Rosenthal. The social sciences seat on the UCPRC was declared vacant and the election for the humanities member of the Academic policies Committee was returned to the agenda.

SPARC Referral

After a fifteen minute discussion, a Schneller-Piperberg motion to refer to the matter of a standing or an ad hoc committee on advisement to the Senate Policies Review Committee passed unanimously. In consideration of the motion, the nature of the committee as well as a clarification of "periodic evaluation" were mentioned. Chairperson Eidam recommended the Director of Academic Advisement serve as an ex-officio member of a new committee was formed.

At 4:52 p.m. a Stine-Dorman motion to adjourn passed.

The next meeting of the Faculty Senate is Tuesday, 2 November in Ganser Auditorium at 4:00 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Beverly Schneller
Faculty Senate
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