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Faculty Senate Meeting

16 November 1993

Chairperson D.Eidam called the meeting of the Faculty Senate to order 4:05 on Tuesday November 16 in Ganser Auditorium. All departments were represented. Attending for the Student senate were Terri Cawley, Tom Skelly and Regina Tellado.


Two corrections were made to day's agenda. PSCI 352 and PSCI 355 are General Education Courses and ELED 600 should be numbered ELED 500. Additional corrections and amendments to the minutes themselves were made by Provost Taggie and Associate Vice-President for Academic Affairs, Dr.James Stager. On p.3498, Dr. Taggie ammended his explanation regarding the need for an Assistant Provost position search by stating the "McQuire Memorandum" made the formal search necessary. Dr. Stager corrected and amended his report on enrollments, p.3499 as follows. The 1993 enrollment was down from Fall 1992 by over 400 (not 300) students. He indicated that the fourth cause for enrollment decline he mentioned, the reduction of target numbers of new students, had actually begun two years ago and was not a direct cause of the current situation. In addition , he said that there was a shift in "average" not minimum class size and that the Administration is considering an "Adult Evening Division" which is not the same as a "Continuing Education Program." With the above change the Minutes of November 2 were approved.



Chairperson Eidam reported that the Director of International Affairs, Dr. Marlene Arnold, would report as an Administrative officer at the december 7 meeting. Committee chairs were asked to advise Chairperson Eidam if a January 25, 1994 meeting of the Senate would be required before the scheduled Februrary 1 meeting. He also requested the Academic Policies Committee consider whether upgrading of course numbers (from 100-level to 200-level) should require the Senate's approval.The issue is the interpretation of "major" in the matrix on page 57 of the Governance Manual . with the respect to the above, and other matters of this sort, Chairperson Eidam noted that even if the senate is not involved in the approval process, it might be advisable for the senate to be informed since: 1. the Senate Minutes constitute the only periodic mailing to all faculty and 2. these minutes are also used by the registrar, Academic Advisement and others as the sole source of record for any changes to the curriculum. Finally, Chairperson Eidam's request that the proposed resolution concerning exclusive use of Ganser Library brought by the Sociology-Anthropology department be added to the agenda which was done without objection.


Senator Terri Cawley reported for the Student senate as Student Senate Prsident J.Haugh was at a doctor's appointment. She announced a November 18 meeting at 6:30 p.m. and invited all interested faculty Senators to attend.She said a campus forum was being planned for December 2 led by Freshman Senators and their mentors to discuss campus issues.



President Caputo addressed the policy recently passed in the Faculty Senate mandating a 2,5 QPA graduation requirement for student majoring in Sociology and Anthropology. He explained to the senaors tht when a policy is approved by the Senate he, as President,has thirty days to respond to the Senate's action. ordinarily, the thirty days expires and the policy is approved, but in this case, President Caputo expressed his concern about the general issue of department being able to establish their own gaduation requirements in addition to the QPA and retention policies already in place in many. He suggested that the academic Policies Committee take the policy under advisement and review it holistically in conjunction with retention policies, admission to the major policies and QPA requirements. After a fifteen minute discussion, the S.Luek- J.Piperberg motion to refer the matter to the Academic Policies Committee passed.


Dr. G.Reighard said 1993 marks Millersville's 75th year in Women's Collegiate Athletics. He encouraged all faculty to announce the anniversary and to attend the women's sporing events. Women's basketball tippd off November 20th. In other news, Dr.Reighard reported that Stanley Johnson is in Room 704 of Lancaster General Hospital and would appreciate student and faculty visits as he recuperates from meningitis.


Dr. J. Stager reported that registration went very well and 69% of potential returning students were registered. After 290 new students are registered he prediced the Spring enrollment would be 4,196. he also noted that he had asked Chairperson D. Eidam to place Ms. Candace Ross' progress report on DARS on the December 7 agenda.



Senator McLeod introduced Math 238: Introduction to Probability and Statistics, a new four-credit non-general education Course under the three- meeting rule.


Senator K. Brooks reported that the General education review Committee is continuing to refine a draft recommendation to the senate that encourages formal discussion or General Education within majors, beyond Freshmen orientation. the committee is currently initiating a review of all "Perspectives Course" syllabi to show how the presently aproved coursed adhere to the definition of "Perspective " at MU. GER appreciates the opportunity to discuss this matter with the Undergraduate Course and Program review Committee, she noted. Finally, Senator K. Brooks announced that contact has been made with two General Education specialists, Mike Knight and Jerry Gaff and the committee hopes to invite these educators to campus. Dr. Gaff is the author of New life for the College Curriculum, she reminded the Senators. And, Dr. Stager will attend the November 23 final meeting of the committee this term to rpovide information on implementation of the "Perspectives" requirements, specifically treating such matters as enrollment projections and sections offered.


On a J. McCade-K. Brooks motion Associate Professor Ralph W. Miller, who retired in August 1993 after twenty-seven years of service in the Industry and Technology Department, was accorded the honorary title of Associate Professor of Industry and Technology Emeritus. Professor Miller is the author of the textbook, Design and Construction of Production tooling in the Laboratory and he designed the brass staves carried by marshals during the academic procession for each commencement. (See Attachment A).


HIST 393: Chaos and order in Classical Greece was approved after three meetings.


Motion to Change the Title of Chairperson pro tem

A B. Dorman-J. Rousseau motion to change the title of the Chairperson pro tem to "Vice Chairperson" passed unanimously. Chairperson D.eidam had introduced the need for the more precise title citing the description in Robert's Rules which indicates the title pro tem is only accurate when the "president vacates the chair, or if the president is absent" and the position is temporarily held, for the day only, by a designee. With the adjournmentof the meeting, the chairperson pro tem returns to his/her regular duties within the body.


Pursuant to the Margolis-Dorman motion of November 2 which negated the three- meeting rule requirement for ECON 319, a Margolis-Fulmer motion to approve the course passed. On a Margolis-Nakhai motion , the new minor passed and Senator McLeod then moved adoption of the Proposals for Economic Program Reorganization(see ATACHMENT B of the November 3 agenda for November 16, 19930). The Mcleod-Margolis motion also passed unanimously.


Senator F. Erickson introduced and discussed the new proposal to create an intercollegiate atheletic coaches council.He fielded questions concerning the history and development of the document (see Attachment C of the November 3 Agenda for November 16) which was approvd with one amendment proposed by chairperson Eidam. under #3 Modifications , it was agreed that the phrase "[Modifications] may be made at any meeting" be revised to state "[Modifications ] may be proposed at any meeting."


At 4.40 p.m., the day's official business was concluded and Chairperson Eidam asked Senator g.Stine to introduce the "Resolution Concerning Ganser Audiotorium" which he offered on behalf of the Sociology-Anthropology Department(see Attachment B). A Stine-Iglesias motion opened up the floor for discussion. Dr. Taggie spoke against the resolution which sought to move the University administration to reconsider its plan to allocate Ganser Auditorium for the Library's exclusive use as a bibilographical instruction center. Taggie noted that $30,000 in equipment has already been ordered and that construction plans are underway. He also mentioned that the decision was made after consulation with the Dean's Council and the Registrar's Office particularly concerning class scheduling. Senator Iglesias introduced Professor Jacqueline Long,who directs the Gaduate French Program and whose groups have used the auditorium for plays over the years. she expressed sadness that this facility would be lost to future students in her program and in the German program as well. In response to questions about Ganser Auditorium as the only suitable place for the computer instruction lab, Dr. Zubatsky reiterated his position that the auditorium was the best location for the desired 2-24 computer stations. As the discussion developed, Dr. Taggie stressed that the two years of study had been carried out before the changes were proposed. At 5:00 p.m., Chairperson Eidam reminded the Senators that this discussion would have been more appropriate at the September 21 meeting as the issue had been announced on July 22, 1993. The Stine-Iglesias motion failed.


A Nakhai-Stine motion to adjourn passed at 5:12 p.m.

The next meeting of the Faculty Senate will be Tuesday, December 7, 1993 in Ganser Auditorium.

Respectfully submitted

Beverly Schneller, Ph.D.
Secretary, Faculty Senate
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