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Faculty Senate Meeting

7 December 1993

Chairperson D.Eidam called the meeting to order at 4:05 p.m. All departments except Business Administration were represented. Student representatives were J.Haugh and R.Tellado


Secretary Schneller expressed her gratitude to Ms. Jo-anne Holleran, office of the provost, and to Dr. K. Gregoire for their assistannce in preparing the minutes and agenda for the day's meeting. On p. 3505, under "Emeritus," the word "accorded" was replaced by "recommended for". On p. 3504, 4,950 is the number of full-time undergraduate students. Due to a collation error, Professor Ralph Miller's emeritus status recommendation was omitted from 16 November 1993 minutes. It is included here as Attachment F. The Secretary regrets the omission. The minutes were approved by acclamation.



Chairperson D.Eidam reminded the Senators of the new meeting place, Chryst Hall 210, and discussed aspects of the relocation's logistics. He announced commencement information and said he would represent the Senate at the 8 December signing of the HACC articulation agreement.

Student Senate

J.Haugh, Student Senate President, noted the Student Senate completed its meeting slate 2 December. He thanked all Senate Committee chairs for their work with student representative.

Administrative Officers

President Caputo

Dr. J.Caputo discussed the proposed hotel construction which had been reported in The Snapper (10 November 1993). he responded to particular questions on the hotel's clientele, procedures for use by on- and off-campus organizations, and the overall effect of a hotel on the MU community.

Vice-President for Academic Affairs

Dr. B. Taggie intriduced the Senators to a Chancellor's office planning proposal for a SSHE system master plan. All SSHE schools would need to identify program goals by the spring of 1994 and all plans for new programs by the fall of 1995, so that courses of actin could be chartered by the spring of 1995.

Vice-President for University Advancement

Mr. G.Eckert reported on the progress of the capital Campaign noting that six of the 13 million dollars needed for the renovations and new construction was pledged(2.4 million is currently in hand). Of the $ 320,000 targeted to be raised from faculty and staff, $68,000 was collected or pledged bu MU faculty and $66,000 was raised or pledged by MU staff.

Director of International Affairs

Dr. Marlene S. Arnold reported on the status of the International Affairs activities and distributed copies of The Student Exchange newsletter to the Senators. To date, about 100 students had received information and were advised through her office. The countries in which students expressed the most interest were the United Kingdom, Spain and Australia. Dr. G. Leinberger participated in the Strathclyde Faculty Exchange Program for 1993-1994 and Dr. T. Isaak will participate in the 1994-1995 exchange. in addition to involvement with registration, advisement, and financial aid, Dr.Arnold noted that office assists international students with exchange advisement and sponsors an annual reception.

Reports of Faculty Senate Standing Committees

Undergraduate Course and Program review (UGCPR)

Senator C.Mcleod introduced four courses under the three meeting rule: BIOL 264, BIOL 265, CSCI 360 and ANTH 324. With the approval of the Chairperson, Senator McLeod yielded to Senator S.Suziedelis(History) who moved HIST 212 be granted general Education status retroactive to Fall 1990. The Suziedelis-McLeod motion passed.

For the second half of his report, Senator McLeod presented the motion, shown in Attachment B, concerning the deletion of a course from a department's offerings or the removal of a course's label by parties other than the Faculty Senate or designated administrative offices. After a discussion centered on clarification of the issue, the motion passed with a Luek-Mcleod amendment making the policy effective Spring Semester 1994.

Senator G. Benson(Library) called the senator's attention to problems with the representation of the library's use and available resources in the just-introdiced course proposals for ANTH 324 and BIOL 264. Chairperson D.Eidam asked Senator Benson along with the course proposers and their Senators to investigate nd to amend these documents as needed.

General Education Review Committee(GER) Senator R.Wismer reviewed the 23 November GER meeting at which campus visit by Mike Knight, a general education consultant, was discussed and tentatively scheduled for march 17 and 18, 1994 Knight will provide insights into the process of general education review and offer his suggestions for revision as necessary. Associate Vice-Prsident for Academic Affairs, Dr. J. Stager reported to the committee on the perspectives course offering for academic years 1993-1994, 1994-1995, and 1995-1996. Currently 20 sections per semester were needed For 1994-1995 about 30 sections per semester are needed and by 1995-1996 about 40 sections per semester will be proposed. The maximum enrollment in each section is 25 students, Dr.Stager noted.

Senator Wismer said GER wished to thank the Faculty Senators for their valuable contributions and input this fall and GER members extended wishes for successful completion of the fall term for Happy Holidays.

University Honors Committee

Senator S.Luek described the Honors Committee actions at their 30 November meeeting. ANTH 344: Gender, race and Class, a perspective course was approved as honors course effective Fall 1994. INTL 201: Introductionto International Studies and ENGL 407: milton were also approved as honors courses effective Spring 1994. Phi Eta Sigma, a freshman honor society, was endorsed by the committee with Dr. D.Denenberg serving as advisor. 175 students , ranging from across the student body, were introduced on 14 October. Senator Luek also reported on the progress of the 5-year Evaluation and on the SSHE Summer Honors Program tpo be held at Oxford University.

International Studies Curriculum Committee

Dr. O. Iglesias placed the agreement document for a new exchange program with Kansai Gaidai University, Hirakata, Osaka, japan on the 1 February 1994 agenda(see Attachment G). the agreement was endorsed by the committee on 30 November.

University Theme

Senator J.Piperberg announced the committee's meeting on 2 November to plan 1996-1997 academic theme. Proposals are due 15 February 1994.

Academic Computing

Senator R.Clark announced a meeting 9 december and presented the report labelled attachment C.

Co-op Education

Senator B.Dorman reported the committee made a presentation on Co-op education to the Council of Trustees, 18 November 1993.

Faculty Emeritus

On an S.Peters-M Margolis motion, Professor Albert J.Wooley was recommended by the Faculty senate to the Council of Trustees for approval as Assistant Professor of health and Physical Education Emeritus(see Attachment D). On a Peters-Luek motion, Professor Nancy E.Hungerford was recommended by the Faculty Senate to the council of Trustees for approval as Assistant Professor of health and Physical Education Emeritus(see Attachment E).

Course Approvals

the following courses were approved at this meeting :PSCI 221, PSCI 325, PSCI 352, PSCI 355, ELED 500, EDTE 600, EDTE 601, ETDE 602.


GER Election

A Wismer-Mccade motion advancing Dr.L.Zancu(English) to the two-year humanities representative term passed unanimously . Chairperson D.eidam said he would consult Parliamentarian C. Scharnberger on the status of the one-year term.

DARS Progress Report

Ms. Candace Ross, Academic Information Officer, addressed the senate for 25 minutes on the Degree Audit reporting System(DARS). She began her talk by summarizing DARS history and its usefulness as an auditing tool, noting about 100 schools in the U.S. and Canada use it to monitopr student's progress towards completion of their degrees. MU installed the DARS in february 1992. She next mentioned the several ways DARS facilities improved academic advisement by:enhancing record keeping; automating degree applicant's graduation approvals; replacing current academic records with degree audits; providing students with direct access to their degree audits through public access terminals; enabling undecided students or student curious about a change in major to create hypothetical degree audits; allowing departments to monitor waivers, exceptions, and substitutions; and, generating data for enrollment planning. Beyond these benefits and improvements, Ms.ross listed five future goals for the use of DARS:

1. Add graduate programs, such as masters degree and certification, to DARS system.

2. Track students in special programs, such as University Honors, the PACE program or Lancaster Partnership.

3. Use DARS to ensure the repeated courses are tagged.

4. Investigate whether DARS can be linked to the registration system to do prerequisite checking.

5. Explore other possible uses of DARS, such as to generate a preliminary list of students eligible to graduate; academic progress for financial aid, athletic eligibility checking.

She concluded her report with an indication of how departments, deans and the Senate can use DARS to clarify policies, review curricular requirements, and conduct their own studies on the accuracy of the audits.

A brief question and answer period followed.


On a Dorman-Stine motion, the meeting adjourned at 5:36 p.m.

The next meeting of the faculty Senate is 1 Febrauary 1994 at 4 p.m. in Chryst Hall 210.

Respectfully submitted

Beverly Schneller
Secretary, Faculty Senate
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