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Faculty Senate Meeting

1 February 1994

Chairperson D. Eidam called the meeting to order at 4:10 p.m. in chryst hall 210. All departments except History and Physical Education were represented. Student representatives were J. Haugh, R. Tellado and N. George.


The Minutes of the 7 December 1993 meeting were approved without dissent. Two course numbers were corrected on the agenda. ANTH 344 was incorrectly listed as ANTH 324 and ANTH 324 was incorrectly listed as ANTH 344.



D. Eidam informed Senators that the University's snow policy on closing and cancellations also governed the Senate's meetings. If the campus is open on a meeting Tuesday, the Senate will meet. He encouraged Senators to call him about Senate business at home and announced his home phone number (293-9888), observing that sometimes more time to discuss an issue is required than on campus schedules allow. Chairperson Eidam also placed the election of a one-year Humanities representative to the General Education Review Committee on the agenda for February 15. He closed his report by informing the Senate that a team of Faculty Senate leaders, which he understands to be the officers, has been invited to participate in the tri-annual evaluation of Dr. Caputo. He asked any interested Senators who also wish to meet with the Council of Trustees on theis matter to contact him.

Student Senate

Student Senate President J. Haugh said the first meeting of the Student Senate is February 3 at 6 p.m. in SMC Room 49. Among the items on the first agenda are the academic theme, improving communication among campus groups and organizations, and appropriations.

Administrative Officers

Vice-President for Student Affairs, Dr. G. Reighard spoke about the problems of snow and ice on the campus. he described the maintenance crews' roles in clearing the campus and said they should be commnded for their efforts.

Committee Reports

Undergraduate Course and Program Review

Senator C. McLeod introduced ITEC 467: Microprocessor Electronics, a new three-credit non-General Education course to be first offered Spring 1993 if approved under the three-meeting rule. He noted Senator J. Piperberg (BIOL) had brought revised copies of the course proposals for BIOL 264 and 265 which were introduced at the last meeting.

Academic Standards Committee

Senator R. Clark submitted the committee's report (see Attachment A). Senator S. Luek commented that Senator Clark and the committee were deserving of recognition for their meeting on one of the worst days in January to discharge their duties.

Academic Theme Committee

Senator J. Piperberg said that one proposal for the 1996-7 theme was submitted and he reminded Senators of the February 15 deadline for proposals.


Administrative computing advisory committee Dr. T Isaak, the Senate's representative on the Administrative Computing Advisory Committee reported to the Senate that $110,000 of a proposed $145,000 budget was approved and that work required for networking campus buildings was underway. He mentioned one of the committee's goals is to address computer training needs across campus and informed Senators that Nethelp is an on-campus help group for persons using internet.


On G. Benson-S. Luek motion, Associate Professor Evelyn L. Lyons, who retired from Ganser Library after 21 years of service to Millersville, was recommended to the council of Trustees for the honorary title of Associate Professor of Librarianship Emeritus (see Attachment B). On a D. Eidam-B. Nakhai motion, Professor John F. Lavelle, who retired after 25 years of service in the Mathematics Department, was recommended to the Council of Trustees for the honorary title of Professor of Mathematics Emeritus (see Attachment C).


The reversal of numbers on the Anthropology course was corrected and all courses advanced one meeting without dissent.


Chairperson D. Eidam, Vice-Chairperson S. Luek, and Secretary B. Schneller were all re-elected to serve for the 1994-95 academic year.

Recommendation that Senate become involved in the deadline for submission of semester final grades

A C. Stameshkin-O. Iglesias motion put this agenda item on the floor. Senator C. Stameshkin reviewed the circumstances which brought this matter to the attention of the Philosophy Department and the campus, adding that the Saturday exan periods presented grading problems for some falculty in her department. Chairperson Eidam clarified that this matter was appropriate for both APSCUF and the Senate to discuss. Associate Vice-President for Academic affairs, Dr. J. Stager was acknowledged by the Chairperson. Dr. Stager said he would like to talk with the Registrar, Mr. M. Gonzalez in more detail about the problem and noted that the Registrar's Office needs the grades before Christmas break so that dismissal letters can be promptly mailed to students. He assured the Senate that no presumptive changes in the grade due dates would reoccur and he mentioned the options for scheduling classes with small enrollments for Saturday exams and sending out grades for students on probation before the rest of the grades are mailed. Chairperson Eidam asked if having a skeletal staff in the appropriate offices working overtime during the week the campus is closed was an option and Dr. Stager said it was. The discussion continued until a substitute motion was introduced by Senator B. Nakhai (seconded by Senator J. Piperberg) that Dr. Stager, Mr. Gonzalez and the other offices effected by a change in the grades submission deadline meet to develop ideas then return with their findings to the Senate. After further discussion, the Nakhai-Piperberg motion carried and Dr. Stager agreed the reporting should be at the next meeting, so that, if a change were to be made, it would appear in the 1994-95 schedule.

Student Exchange Program

Chairperson D. Eidam recognized Dr. Marlene Arnold, Director of International Studies, to introduce the MU-Kansai Gaidai Exchange Agreement (Attachment G of the 7 December 1993 minutes). She answered several questions about the program and responed to comments about the text of the agreement. A B. Wismer-J. Rousseau motion to approve the exchange passed.

On a Stameshkin-Piperberg motion, the meeting adjourned at 5:00 p.m.

The next meeting of the Faculty Senate is 15 February at 4:05 p.m. in Chryst Hall 210.

Respectfully Submitted,

Beverly Schneller
Secretary, Faculty Senate

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