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Faculty Senate Meeting

15 February 1994

Chairperson D. Eidam called the meeting to order at 4:06 p.m. in Chryst Hall, Room 201. All departments except Educational Foundations were represented. J. Haugh and N. George attended for the student Senate.

Minutes The minutes of the 1 February meeting were approved with one correction. On p. 3532, Dr. John Lavelle (not Richard) was recommended to the Council of Trustees for the honorary title of Professor of Mathematics emeritus.



D. Eidam announced B. Liffick replaces D. Hutchens as the alternate Computer Science Senator. With unanimous consent, Item XI "Activities Fees for Downtown and Part-Time Students" was aadded to the agenda at the request of the Earth Sciences department. Chairperson Eidam also reported he has asked the MU administration and APSCUF-MU to determine whether those in the category of "regular part-time faculty" are eligible for vacancies on the varieties of committees for which Senate conducts elections; the matter has been placed on the Meet-and-Discuss agenda for March. He expressed gratitude on behalf of the Senate to Housekeeping and catering for their prompt and efficient set-up of Room 210.

Student Senate

President J. Haugh announced the next meeting of the Student Senate on February 17 in SMAC Room 49. Anyone interested in receiving copies of Student Senate minutes should call the Student Senate Office (x3513). He said the Student Senate has proposed "Students: Foundations for the Future" for consideration as a 1996-97 Academic Theme.

Administrative Officers

President J. Caputo reported on the state's allocations to MU's budget. He indicated that the next fiscal year is likely to be similar to the current one.

Dr. B Taggie, Vice-President for Academic Affairs, announced he will be circulating a draft of the proposal for the Adult and Evening Division to the Senate. He also said initial discussions are underway between MU and George Washington University in Washington, D.C. for a possible collaborative doctoral program.

Vice-President for Student Affairs G. Reighard announced there were resignations in The Snapper staff.

Faculty Senate Standing Committees

General Education Review

Senator K. Brooks announced the next meeting for 22 February. She said Dr. Michael Knight's schedule for March 17-18 is being developed. He has requested copies of minutes of Outcomes Assessment Committee meetings and any additional information from the Outcomes Assessment Office as he prepares for his campus visit. Senator E. Ottinger and Dr. K. Gregoire were reminded to write to Dr. Knight at 510 Orange Avenue, Cranford, NJ 07016.

Academic Policies

Senator R. Clark announced a meeting for 23 February.

International Studies Curriculum

Senator O. Iglesias said the committee meets 23 February. They have endorsed their subcommittee's recommendations for curricular changes.

Academic Theme

Senator J. Piperberg said four themes were submitted and the committee would be called to meet shortly.

Faculty Emeritus

On a Piperberg-Nakhai motion, Professor Kenneth G. Miller (BIOL) was recommended without dissent to the Council of Trustees for the honorary title of Professor of Biology Emeritus. Mr. Miller, a 1959 MU graduate, served the University for 32 years before his retirement (see Attachment A).

Proposed Courses

MATH 238: Introduction to Probability and Statistics was approved.

Item IX: Election of a One-Year HUM Representative to GERC was returned to the agenda.

Item X: Proposal for Senate's Involvement in Establishing Semester Final Grade Submission Deadlines.

Chairperson Eidam recognized Associate Vice-president for Academic Affairs, Dr. J. Stager who spoke to his handout, "Processing of FA93 Grade Rosters." He concentrated on page 2, a reorganization of the exam schedule from high to low demand time-slot sequence. Working with Registrar M. Gonzalez, Dr. Stager said they aimed to guarantee no student would have no more than two finals on the same day. Under his proposal, the grade due date would remain at three days and this exam time schedule would not change. He indicated faculty could request their schedules be built around their availability during finals week. After hearing a variety of comments from Senators Stamashkin, Dorman, Thompson, wismer, Nakhai, Clark and Schneller, the Senate (on a Nakhai-Rousseau motion) voted to express its appreciation for Dr. Stager's and Mr. Gonzalez's efforts in proposing means for addressing the final grade deadline issue and the body took no further action.

Item XI: Activities Fees for Downtown and Part-Time Students

Senator R. Clark introduced this matter to the Senate and indicated that downtown and part-time students would be interested in paying reduced fees, as they say they do not engage in about 90% of the activities and services for which they pay. Chairperson D. Eidam said Vice-President B. Rydell is studying this and has offered to report on it at our 15 March meeting. Senators Benson and Fulmer contributed to the discussion which led up to the Clark-Nakhai motion that the Senate recognize the discrepancy in activities fee between MU and other institutions and the Senate invites Dr. Rydell to speak to the body on this matter.

At 5:09, on a G. Stine-B. Dorman motion, the meeting ended.

The next meeting of the Faculty Senate is 1 March 1994 at 4:05 p.m. in Chryst Hall 210.

Respectfully submitted,

Beverly Schneller
Secretay, Faculty Senate

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