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Faculty Senate Meeting

19 April 1994

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Chairperson D. Eidam called the meeting to order at 4:05 p.m. in Chryst Hall 210. All departments except Music were represented. J. Haugh, T. Cawley, N. George, and E. Kobeski attended for the Student Senate. B. Weaver covered the meeting for The Snapper.


Chairperson Eidam amended and corrected the summary of the Joint-Senate Conference Committee's report (p. 3580). The last two sentences were revised as follows: "The original motion of May 4, 1993, was returned to the floor. The committee then recommended the motion be defeated and it was."



Because of the number of announcements, chairperson Eidam distributed them to each Senator at the meeting (see Appendix A).

Student Senate

Student Senate President J. Haugh reported the gathering of all the SSHE student government officers held at MU April 16-17 was successful. He thanked President Caputo for attending a meeting with Burrows Hall students and he announced Dr. Caputo would attend the Student Senate's meeting April 21 in SMAC Room 49.

Administrative Officers

President J. Caputo described his participation in a Pennsylvania Senate Symposium on accessibility and accountability in higher education. He reported that accountability was the issue of most concern to the State Senators, especially the problem of students' ability to graduate in four years. Dr. Caputo explained to the State Senators the variables in graduation including course scheduling, students' choices in course loads, and the effect of state budget cuts on the institution's ability to offer courses. He noted that the culture of blaming the institution is not coincidental when the state cuts institutional funding.

Dr. Caputo announced negotiations for a $300,000 contribution to the Capital Campaign for the science building were nearing completion. He said, in his discussions with the State Senators earlier in the day, he pointed out that funding for building is a key to access to higher education.

Dr. Zubatsky, chair of the Commencement Committee, was then recognized by chairperson Eidam to report on plans for the May 14 commencement. Dr. Zubatsky praised chairperson Eidam for his faithful attendance at the committee's meetings and acknowledged Senator R. Frerichs for his service as Chief Marshall. Chairperson Eidam, noting that the Senate is always well-represented at Commencement, urged Senators to encourage more of their colleagues to attend graduation exercises.

Committee Reports


Senator C. McLeod introduced COMM 451: Public Relations Issues and Cases and COMM 452: Public Relations Campaigns under the three-meeting rule. Both are three-credit non-General Education classes to be first offered in Fall 1994 if approved

Academic Policies

Senator R. Clark placed three motions on admission to-; retention in-; and, completion of- the major on the 3 May agenda, (see Appendix B). Without dissent, Item XII of the day's agenda, concerning the same was withdrawn. He announced two special committee meetings on April 20 and May 4.


Senator K. Brooks said their last meeting is scheduled for 26 April at 4 p.m. in the Sherts Board Room.

Outcomes Assessment

Senator E. Ottinger reported the committee is developing its agenda for next year and is ready to meet with the Senate Policies Review Committee.


Senator S. Luek said the committee met on 12 April to select award winners for the Honors Banquet on 26 April. Math 301: History of Mathematics has been approved as an Honors course effective Spring 1995. There will be twelve honors students graduating in May.


Senator J. Piperberg is calling a meeting on April 27 at 4 p.m. in Roddy Conference Room to discuss the 1994-1995 theme schedule with Dr. Braun.

Proposed Courses

Chairperson Eidam recognized Senate Secretary B. Schneller who said she had informed her department in writing of the Communications Department's objections to ENGL 318: Technical Skills for Journalists.

PHIL 391: Gender, Utopia, and Human Nature was approved as a Perspectives (P) course offering.


Communications Department's Proposed Retention Policy

Senator C. McLeod moved approval of "Requirements and Policies for the BS Speech Communications Major" (p. 3590, 5 April 1994). After a brief discussion, the policy was approved with a friendly amendment to regularize the language of section B:3:B of the policy as follows:

Academic Theme

Senator J. Piperberg moved approval of the 1996-97 Academic Theme "Preparing for Life in the Twenty-First Century" was accepted without dissent.

Academic Amnesty Policy

For convenience, Chairperson Eidam presented the original motion and the McLeod-Wismer motion (insertions in italics, deletions in strike through) as part of his announcements sheet (see Appendix A). After a ten minute discussion, the McLeod-Wismer motion was passed without dissent. Discussion then ensued to amend the motion to address how specific grades would or would not be credited. A primary amendment, Piperberg-Wismer, stated "D grades would not be credited under academic amnesty." This amendment was debated and then, the Dorman-Nakhai secondary amendment was considered which said "The MU QPA must meet minimum universtiy requirements at the time of graduation excluding Fs received prior to the granting of academic amnesty." At 5:25 p.m., Senator J. Lynch (second by B. Dorman) moved the debate be limited to ten minutes. There was a friendly amendment, Yelagotes-Iglesias, to limit debate to five minutes. Yelagotes-Iglesias passed without dissent. At 5:36, the Mcleod-Stameshkin motion to postpone ended the day's deliberations.

On a B. Dorman- G. Yelagotes motion, the meeting adjourned at 5:38 p.m.

The next meeting of the Faculty Senate is May 3, 1994 at 4:05 p.m. in Chryst Hall 210.

Respectfully submitted,

Beverly Schneller,

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