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4 OCTOBER 1994

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Chairperson D. Eidam called the meeting to order at 4:05 p.m. in Chryst Hall, Room 210. All departmental senators attended. J. Ferullo, E. Kobeski, C. Coveleski, and T. Cawley attended for the Student Senate. J. Hoffman attended for the Snapper.


Senate approved the 20 September meeting minutes with the following changes on page 3636, Academic Policies Committee Report, change the word degrees to "Ds." On page 3638, Motion to Amend Governance Manual, insert the word "delete" in the first line between to and Function. On the same page, Incomplete Grades, second paragraph, delete the words "...that is, ..." On the 4 October 1994 Agenda, change the title of ESCI 485 from Air and Sea to Air Sea Interaction.


Chairperson's Report

Chairperson D. Eidam said that Robert's Rules is silent on the issue of non-senate attendees recording a meeting. He invited senators to propose a policy under which senate would operate when it receives a request to record the meeting. If there is a motion for each request, then majority vote will prevail. Since the Snapper reporter did not request to record the meeting, senate took no action.

The chairperson recognized senator R. Fulmer. Fulmer discussed the Social Work Organization's memo to senate (see Attachment A). The memo described the various events of diversity week from October 24 until October 28.

On September 14, 1994 the chairperson sent to each senator a proposed new voting algorithm (see Attachment B). A J. Piperberg/R. Fulmer motion to accept the voting algorithm for the future carried.

The chairperson distributed the MEDAL Fund's Annual Campaign Report (see Attachment C). Senate will not meet during midsemester break.

Student Senate

Student Vice-President J. Ferullo said that student senate had held its committee elections. She said that new committee members have been told to get in touch with senate committee chairs. Please call the student senate office if your student committee member does not contact you. She also introduced the student treasurer, C. Coveleski.

She described a student leadership conference. she said the pilot program is expanding; it is building leadership programs within the organization. It has had good response with 95 students signing up. She invited all faculty to attend the next student senate meeting, thursday, October 5, 1994, at 6:30 in the SMAC room 151.

Administrative Officers


President J. Caputo shared some information about MU's high ranking among regional universities in two recent U.S. News and World Report articles. Early methods of ranking universities were much simpler and basically involved opinion polls of university presidents. These rankings were based on more elaborate criteria. He said the two consecutive issues of the magazine had placed MU among the best rankings. He extended congratulations to senators and all the people they represent for doing a great job. He is "...proud of what we have all done together."

Vice-President for Academic Affairs

Provost F. McNairy reported that MU will move the admissions office to the provost's office effective immediately. MU is making the move so that there is a more direct linkage to the admission process. MU will look at other initiatives to enhance its enrollment process; discussions have continued for some time. MU would like to strengthen its institutional research area. She asked that senators take the information back to their respective departments.

Vice-President for Student Affairs

Vice President for Student Affairs G. Reighard said that family day was successful. He said he noticed a positive feeling among the parents. MU has had a rash of thefts; be alert and do not leave valuables around in rooms and cars. He said that MU has undercover officers watching for vandalism. There was a recent robbery in the Stayer building.

Committee Reports

University Course and Program Review Committee

Chairperson C. McLeod introduced one course: PSYC 319: Psychology of African-Americans, under the three-meeting rule. It is a three-credit, new, General Education and writing course to be first offered Spring 1995 if approved. He noted that the proposal's bibliography is missing. Chairperson D. Eidam said that anytime the bibliography exceeds five pages, the senate chairperson will keep it (see Attachment A, page 3641, of the 20 September 1994 minutes). It will not be automatically distributed to senators. Any senator who wants to see it may call and ask the chairperson to put a copy in the mail.

Theme Committee

Chairperson J. Piperberg distributed a handout listing the various events for the 1994-1995 University Theme (see Attachment D). Some locations may change as time passes. there may also be extra events added. Free tickets are presently available for James Burke who will speak on October 20. Tickets for Daniel Boorstin on 8 November will be available next Tuesday. the events may be moved to a bigger site if demand is sufficient.

Academic Policies Committee

Chairperson B. Nakhai said the committee had an agenda item related to study abroad. Students studying abroad presently can not transfer grades below C. the committee will examine the issue in a larger context. Currently it is talking to everyone involved to get their views on the issue. It will meet next week to discuss the issue; please express your concerns to committee members.

Throughout the year the chairperson expects to keep senators aware of current discussions in the committee. He encourages everyone to express their viewpoints concerning academic policy to the committee. The chairperson thinks the committee needs to look at many other areas of academic policy. He said some of the academic policies in the governance Manual were rigid. If we open up our evening classes to nontraditional students as President Caputo suggested at the Fall convocation, then we may need to reexamine some of our academic policies.

General Education Review Committee

Chairperson R. Wismer said the committee is currently examining what the senate sent it last spring. the issue is the separation of the CQ designation into two separate C and Q categories. The current thinking is to separate them but otherwise keep the requirements the same. Students would have to take four courses from among the two categories. If anyone has any strong feelings about the issue, please contact committee members. the committe would very much like to have senators' input. The committee has already asked for the Undergraduate Course and Program Review Committee's input.

Proposed Courses

Under the three-meeting rule, senate approved six courses:

Senator J. McCade said he did not want to challenge ART 244: Typography. However, the Industry and Technology and Art departments are meeting to discuss the course.


Faculty Senate Election

Senate contiued its elections from the previous meeting. There were no nominees for the vacant position in the undergraduate course and program review committee from social sciences. The position will remain vacant until next September.

Incomplete Grades

Senate considered an Academic Policies Committee recommendation concerning incomplete grades (see the 20 September 1994 minutes, page 3638, the 7 September 1994 agenda Attachment D, and the 14 June 1994 minutes, Appendix G, page 3627). Former policies committee chairperson, R. Clark, moved to change the current policy with the intention of reducing the number of incomplete grades awarded during the 20 September senate meeting.

At that meeting, senator C. Stameshkin moved to amend the motion to graft various parts of the original language in the governance document back into the motion (for example, "...a student can remove an incomplete by ...rescheduling the course..."). A C. McLeod/J. Piperberg motion to amend restated the Stameshkin amendment to say that the following wording be added to the last sentence of the original motion: "...unless an extension has been granted."

Discussion began on the proposed amendment at this meeting. Senator F. Erickson asked how the extension is granted. Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs J. Stager said that the faculty member makes a request for it. With no further discussion senate voted to amend the Academic Policies Committee main motion.

Senate returned to the main motion as amended. Senator C. Stameshkin proposed a new amendment (see Attachment E). Senator W. Dorman seconded the motion to amend. There followed a long discussion on the merits of the proposed amendment. A R. Sykes/G. Yelagotes motion to refer the amendment and the main motion back to the Academic Policies Committee carried.

The chairperson asked that when committees propose changes in the Governance Manual that the original language be provided side by side with the proposed changed language (see Appendix G, page 3627, of the 14 June 1994 minutes). the chairperson is currently providing the original language.

Motions Concerning Retention in- and Completion of the Major

Senate considered three motions concerning admission to- retention in- and completion of the major (see current Governance Manual policy on page 3642 of the 20 September 1994 minutes, page 3642, see also Attachment A, page 3, of the 21 april 1994 Agenda). For the first motion, Admission to the Major Policy, the chairperson stepped down in order to speak and to propose amendments to senate. Since the Vice-Chairperson also wished to speak, chairperson Eidam appointed G. Yelagotes to assume the chair. Senate giave its consent for Yelagotes to serve as acting chairperson.

A long discussion of the first motion followed. D. Eidam/R. Clark moved to amend the first paragraph of the (Admission to the Major) motion so that it reads "...multiple objective selection criteria..." A long discussion followed. C. McLeod/B. Nakhai moved to substitute the existing policy with certain changes for motion 1. A R. Sykes/M. margolis motion to postpone action until the next meeting failed. Senate voted down the McLeod/Nakhai motion to substitute. Before senate could return to the Eidam/Clark motion to amend, senate agreed to postpone action until the next mee4ting because of the lateness of the hour.

Senate adjourned at 5:45 p.m.

It's next meeting will be Tuesday, 1 November 1994, from 4:05 - 5:45 p.m. in Chryst 210.

Respectfully submitted,

Marvin Margolis, Secretary
Faculty Senate

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