Millersville University, Faculty Senate

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Faculty Senate Minutes

20 September 1994

DATE: 20 September 1994
TO: Faculty Senate
FROM: Don Eidam
RE: REPORT for 9/20 meeting

Welcome to one new Senator (Dr. Ruth Davis, Nursing) and two new Alternates (Prof. Cy Frits, Health and Physical Education and Dr. Ramananantsoa Ramannantoandro, Earth Sciences).

The new SSHE Academic Advisory committee is being formed, with one faculty representative from each University. Its purpose includes making recommendations to Vice Chancellor Burger on "system-wide academic issues and student affairs issues related to academic policy". Having been invited by APSCUF-MU to appoint MU's representative, I have selected Dr. Richard Clark, Earth Sciences. Dr. Clark is advisor to Student Senate and immediate past chairperson of the Academic Policies and Academic Standards Committees.

At yesterday's Commencement Committee meeting, the possibility of moving August commencements from Pucillo to Lyte was discussed, but will not be recommended at this time.

Among the items discussed at yesterday's SPARC meeting were the President's Convocation address, 94-95 SPARC timetable including the Strategic Goals Periodic Review Report, and 95-96 Capital Budget Request.

Reminder: all submissions to Senate should be double-sided. In the same spirit, I suggest that for course proposals with bibliographies of more than five double-sided pages, the bibliographies not be included with the package distributed to Senate, but rather be copied and mailed by me the next morning only to those requesting them. The UCPRC and GCPRC chairs concur, and if there is no objection we will begin to implement this policy.

The new task force on enrollment planning will hold its first meeting 9/27 and will discuss undecided students transferring into capped programs; I solicit your input.

Senate <-- DAE

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