Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Attachment E

Faculty Senate Minutes

1 November 1994

TO: Faculty Senate
FROM: Dr. Perry R. Gemmill, Chair
Department of indsutry and Technology
Dr. Joseph M. McCade, Department Representative
to Faculty Senate
DATE: October 3, 1994
SUBJ: Emeritus Recommendation for Dr. Quick

The following resolution was approved by the faculty of the Department of Industry and Technology on October 3, 1994 for consideration by the Faculty Senate.


WHEREAS: Dr. Austin G. Quick, Professor of Industry and Technology, retired in August of 1994 after 25 years of teaching at Millersville University; and

WHEREAS: Dr. Quick served as Assistant Chairperson of the Department of industrial Arts Education for five years; and

WHEREAS: Dr. Quick has been a highly effective and motivational educator of graphic communications, photography, and scuba diving; and

WHEREAS: Dr. Quick has contributed to such departmental committees as the Budget and Facilities committee, Activities Committee, Communication Technology Committee, and Graduate Committee; and

WHEREAS: Dr. Quick served as an advisor to such university student organizations as the Alpha Sigma Chi Fraternity, the original Ice Hockey Club, and the Scuba Diving Club; and

WHEREAS: Dr. Quick has served as chair of the university Sabbatical Leave Committee and a member of the Cultural Affairs Committee;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED: that Dr. Austin G. Quick be granted the honorary title of Professor of Industry and Technology Emeritus.

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