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3 October 1995

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Chairperson D. Eidam called the meeting to order at 4:05 p.m. in Chryst Hall, Room 210. All departmental senators attended except those of Economics, Educational Foundations, Health & Physical Education, and Special Education. Student President E. Kobeski and L. Drewinany attended for the Student Senate. K. Smith attended for the Snapper.


Senate approved the 19 September 1995 meeting minutes by consensus with the following corrections: On page 3848, Vice-President for Academic Affairs report: The administration has been and will be looking at all courses, programs, and policies approved by Senate to determine their resource allocation implications. A process to formalize this as regular procedure has been drafted and will go to Meet-and-Discuss. Once approved, the intention is for this process to become effective in January.


Chairperson's Report

Chairperson D. Eidam said Secretary M. Margolis was unable to attend. Senate officers J. Piperberg, C. Scharnberger, and Eidam will all take notes after which Eidam will word-process a draft for submission to the Secretary together with the audiotape.

Regarding the General Education moratorium, D. Eidam reported that he has received clarification from the Provost of all points that he could anticipate: The moratorium applies to all proposals for new General Education courses and to all proposals for adding or changing General Education labels of existing courses. Proposals for non-General Education courses are still subject to the conditions of the President's 4/17/95 memo--the 30-day tacit approval policy is not in effect. Senate will receive notifications of course approvals in writing from the Provost. General Education proposals that were navigating the course approval process ("pipeline") prior to the announcement of the moratorium should continue through the pipeline until approval by Faculty Senate, after which they will be held by the administration until the moratorium is lifted. No other General Education proposals should be initiated. Requests for exceptions satisfying conditions outlined by the President at our last meeting should follow the usual course approval process. Faculty with any questions about the moratorium are invited to contact Eidam. (See Attachment A)

Student Senate

Student Senate President E. Kobeski reported on the Board of Student Government Presidents plans: prospects for joint lobbying efforts with PSU and other state-related schools with respect to federal funding (Pell, PHEAA) and Tuition Challenge, A March rally to be scheduled simultaneously at all 14 SSHE schools, and a tactful letter to be written to Rep. Lawless. He announced that Drs. Glen and Piperberg are now co-advisors to Student Senate, that shuttle bus riders have increased to 2200 per week, and discussed a contract between Iowa State University and its students that provides for free coursework if the student fulfills the contract and graduation is not achieved in four years.

Administrative Officers


President J. Caputo in the past week attended the quarterly meeting of the SSHE Presidents and Chancellor. He also attended the meeting of PACU (Pa. Association of Colleges and Universities), at each of which Secretary of Education Hickock was present. The Secretary of Administration, Senate Appropriations Committee chair, and members of both Appropriations Committees presented a panel discussion at PACU. Few specifics regarding our situation have emerged. The general assessment was that the Governor's staff has not yet developed an "agenda" for higher education; but statements of support and increased funding were not forthcoming. We are a large piece of discretionary pie in a time of federal downsizing, expansion of the criminal justice system, health-care and tax-cut demands, etc. He commented that it is always a pleasure to return to campus, but especially these days.

The President expects to be able to report by next meeting on his consideratino of APSCUF-MU's proposal regarding the curriculum outlined at last week's general faculty meeting.

Vice-President for Academic Affairs

Provost F. McNairy said there will be no August 1996 commencement due to the renovation of Pucillo and the unavailability of any other facility. The decision on subsequent August commencements will be made later. The Commencement Committee has recommended August graduates be permitted to participate in the previous May ceremony, as the space at the December commencement is not adequate to accommodate them. Recommendations of the Committee towards encouraging more faculty to attend commencements are before Deans' Council.

Vice-President for Student Affairs

Vice President for Student Affairs G. Reighard noted that a newspaper article about new appointee Dr. Charlene Yeager provided only a partial list of her Student Affairs responsibilities.

Committee Reports

Graduate Course and Program Review Committee

J. McCade reported that graduate faculty status has been granted to J. Rudden, K. Blouch, and R. Kerper. The following three courses were approved by the Committee and it is requested that they be placed on the 10/17/95 agenda: EDTE590, SPED578, and SPED671.

The Committee has recommended the removal of the 9-hour residency requirement--Eidam will determine whether this requires Faculty Senate approval [subsequent to the meeting, he ruled that such approval is required and this matter will be added to the 10/17/95 agenda]. (See

Cooperative Education Committee
The first meeting of the semester was held on 9/18, and a dinner/workshop for participating faculty was held on 9/27.

University Honors Program

Chairperson M. Warmkessel said the committee met with the Provost to approve the position of Assistant to the Honors Program Director for Spring 1996; this person will become the acting Director for the academic 1996-97 year. A letter to all faculty advertising the position will be sent out; application deadline is 10/13/95.

Academic Policies

The first meeting will be 10/11 with Credit for Life Experience and Academic Dishonesty Policy on the agenda. J. Piperberg and B. Nakhai were invited by the Registrar to meet regarding implementing the Academic Amnesty policy approved last year. The problem of how to record amnesty courses not as "T" yet not counting toward QPA is a technical one rather than a policy issue, and the Registrar will handle it based on the spirit of the policy.

Professor Emeritus

A Gray-Schlegel/McCade motion to recommend Dr. Edward D. Plank as Professor of Elementary and Early Childhood Education Emeritus was approved. A Gray-Schlegel/Nakhai motion to recommend Dr. Rosemary Winkeljohann as Associate Professor of Elementary and Early Childhood Education (Reading\Language Arts) Emeritus was approved. A Gray-Schlegel/Lynch motion to Recommend Dr. Roger B. Wilson as Assistant Professor of Science Education Emeritus was approved. (See Attachment B)


Senate Elections

Dr. T. Woo, Psychology was nominated for chairperson of UCPRC for a partial term ending August 1997; a motion to close nominations was approved, and she was elected. The election to fill her unexpired term as School of Education representative on UCPRC will be conducted at the next meeting. S. Lotlikar, Library, was elected as non-School representative to the University Theme Committee and as alternate on the Judicial Board. There was no nominee for Humanities representative to UCPRC expiring 1997; filling of this vacancy is carried over to our next meeting.

There were no nominees for the following positions for the third consecutive meeting and hence they are declared vacant until next September's elections:
A Nakhai/Dorman motion to hold nominations for the Academic Policies Committee open for another meeting was withdrawn by unanimous consent. Eidam pointed out that Senate policy, initially recommended by the Policies Review Committee, does not preclude volunteers for any vacancies coming forward during the period of declared vacancy ("declared" vacancies are simply not published in the agenda). During said period, any Senator may bring forth a name for election by Senate.

A suggestion was made that all current vacancies be prominently displayed in the next minutes/agenda mailing of Senate; Secretary Margolis is requested to implement this as he sees fit.

Senate adjourned at 5 PM. The next meeting will be Tuesday, 17 October 1995, from 4:05-5:45 p.m. in Chryst 210.

Respectfully submitted,

Marvin Margolis, Secretary
Faculty Senate

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