Millersville University, Faculty Senate

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Faculty Senate Minutes

4 April 1995

DATE: 27 March 1995
TO: Faculty Senate
FROM: Don Eidam
RE: REPORT for 4/4/95 meeting

Our summer meeting will be on Tuesday, June 13 from 3 PM to 4:30 PM in McComsey 101 (Myers Auditorium); refreshments are not permitted in the Auditorium. This meeting has been scheduled in Summer Session I because, of those faculty who teach in the summer, more teach in SSI than in the other sessions.

Annual reports of Senate standing committees are due at the May 2 meeting. I have sent a request for these reports, together with a suggested standard format, to each chairperson.

Since our last meeting, the Provost asked me to appoint a member to the Search Committee to fill the Associate Provost for Academic Programs and Services position. After consulting with six individuals (Senate officers, officer-elect, and chairs of Senate committees with which the person filling this position is mandated to interact), I have appointed C. Denlinger.

I have reappointed R. Clark for 1995-96 to the Vice Chancellor's Academic Advisory Committee and have appointed S. Thompson as alternate.

Those interested in representing Senate for 1995-96 on the Academic Computing Advisory Committee or Administrative Computing Advisory Committee are asked to contact me by 4/17/95.

Two years ago I appointed the Policies Review Committee (K. Brooks, W. Dorman, J. McCade, B. Schneller (chair)). With the submission on 4/4/95 of a proposal to augment and restructure the current Student Affairs committee, the PRC will have completed all of the items of its chargeand has informed me that they subsequently ask to be dissolved. The four members of PRC have my gratitutde for their effective and conscientious service.

The Academic Outcomes Assessment Committee and the administration have awarded funds to the departments of Chemistry, Computer Science, and Physics for Major Field Tests.

I have received from R. DeSouza, chair of MUNIC (M.U. Network Implementation Committee), a report on its significant accomplishments since its formation in 1/93 (including installation of distribution hubs, installation of Marauder, creation of Nethelp, recommendation of AIR, and establishment of an MU homepage) and its short and long term goals; contact me or a MUNIC member for a copy.

As a result of communications from faculty since the last meeting, I think it is necessary to repeat the following clarification: Since the President requested that we consider the matter of admission to, retention in, and completion of the major in a "holistic" way, our recommendations will be submitted as a package when they are complete. He will then take these recommendations under advisement; i.e., the usual 30-day approval algorithm will not apply. Hence, although we recently passed recommendations on Admission to the Major and Retention in the Major, these have not been submitted to the President; and the current policies remain in effect.

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