Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Attachment A

Faculty Senate Minutes

2 May 1995

April 28, 1995

To: Faculty Senate
From: Thomas L. Kruse
Professor and Chair
Social Work Department
Re: Social Work and Gerontology Course Counting

Because the Associate of Science in Gerontology (GERT) and the BA in Social Work (SOWK) are entirely different majors and degree programs in the Social Work Department, the department requests exception to the general rule that courses from the major department cannot count as general education courses.

Specifically, we request that Social Work majors be allowed to use Gerontology 100 and 210 as G3 General Education Courses, and that Gerontology majors be allowed to use Social Work 102 and 211 as G3 General Education Courses.

The precedent for this exception is in Sociology/Anthropology, where Sociology majors may use Anthropology courses so approved as general education courses, and vice versa.

Thank you for your timely consideration.

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