Millersville University, Faculty Senate

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Faculty Senate Minutes

7 March 1995

Millersville University

Athletic Hall of Fame

I. Name:
Millersville University Athletic Hall of Fame
II. Mission:
The purpose of the Millersville University Athletic Hall of Fame (MUAHF) is to honor and perpetuate the memory of those individuals who, through participation, support, or interest have made outstanding contributions to Millersville University athletics, and who have helped to bring recognition, honor, distinction, or excellence to Millersville University and its intercollegiate athletics program.
III. Committee Purposes:
1. Solicit and review nominations for election into the MUAHF.
2. Select (elect) members to the MUAHF.
3. Organize and conduct induction ceremonies.
IV. Committee Membership:
1. Chair of the Faculty Student Athletic Committee
2. Faculty Athletic representative
3. Four alumni (two female and two male) appointed by the Director of Alumni Programs--appointed for overlapping four-year terms.
4. Director of Men's Athletics
5. Director of Women's Athletics
6. Chair of the Women's Coaches Council
7. Chair of the Men's Coaches Council
8. Assistant Director of News Services (Sports Information Director)--ex officio
9. Director of Alumni Programs--ex officio
V. Committee Officers:
1. Chair of MUAHF Committee will be appointed from the membership by the President or his/her designee for a two-year term.
2. Secretary shall be elected by and from the committee for a two year term.
VI. Meetings:
1. A minimum of one per year and as business dictates.
2. Robert's Rules of Order shall be the authority for meeting procedures.
VII. Eligibility:
    1. A person will be considered eligible for nominationto the Millersville University Athletic Hall of Fame if at the time of nomination he/she falls into one of the following categories:
      a. Athlete
        The individual has participated in a varsity sport at Millersville for two years and the time period since receiving his/her first degree from Millersville University has been at least 5 years.
      b. Alumni
        The individual has made outstanding contribution or offered extraordinary service to athletes at Millersville while an undergraduate at Millersville or after graduation and the time period since receiving his/her first degree is at least 5 years.
      c. Other
        The individual did not attend Millersville University but has made significant contributions to Millersville University Ahtletics and has not been employed by Millersville University for at least 5 years. This category may include but is not limited to coaches, trainers, administrators, and faculty.
VIII. Nominations:
1. Nominations will be received by the Assistant Director of News Services (Sports Information Director). This office will be responsible for receiving the nominations and compiling necessary information for presentation to the selection committee.
2. Nominations will be accepted from any source including members of the committee.
3. No member of the committee can be nominated for the MUAHF during their term.
4. No limit shall be applied to the number of times a nominee may be considered.
IX. Selection and Election:
1. Each year the Millersville University Athletic Hall of Fame Committee shall elect a maximum of 6 eligible inductees.
2. No more than 2 inductees may be selected in any one year from any one varsity sport.
3. a 2/3 majority vote of the membership shall be required for election of an inductee.
X. Honors and Awards:
1. Honorees will be officially honored and inducted with appropriate ceremonies as determined by the selection committee and the President or his/her designee.
2. In recognition, each inductee will receive an award and a lifetime pass to all athletic events.
3. Each inductee's name shall be enshrined on an individual Hall of Fame award will be on permanent display.
XI. General Details:
1. Timing for soliciting nominees, selection of nominees, and time and location of ceremonies shall be established by the committee.
2. Any exceptions or changes to this document will require a 2/3 majority vote of the membership of the committee and the approval of the President or his/her designee.

March 2, 1995

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