Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Attachment B

Faculty Senate Minutes

4 April 1995

TO: Ms. Linda Suskie, Chairman
Computer Policy Council
Don Eidam, Chairman
Faculty Senate
FROM: Dr./ Russell L. DeSouza, Chairman
Millersville University Network Implementation Committee
RE: Report on MUNIC Activities


1. Fiber optic cable laid between Boyer and all major academic building.
2. Distribution hubs installed in following buildings: Wickersham, Chryst, Roddy, McComsey, Stayer, Byerly, Biemesderfer, Dilworth, Gordinier, and Ganser (lab access only).
3. NetHelp committee established with subsequent training sessions.
4. Marauder (a Sun SparStation20) acquired and installed as the main host machine for Internet access and electronic mail. An easy-to-access electronic mail package, PINE, was installed for all user accounts on Marauder. Also, a text-based World Wide Web viewer, Lynx, was added to common user options
5. Policies established for student accounts as well as Faculty, Staff and Administration (FSA) and alumni.
6. Access to UseNet News established.
7. Recommended use of AIR software for the PC environment (117 copies as of 3/95). Recommended several easy-to-install public domain software packages for the Macintosh environment.
8. Established a prelininary World Wide Web homepage for MU and a gopher address (these are undergoing considerable work as various campus entities add sections for specific postings).
9. Installed 14.4 Kb speed modems (32 of them) and one terminal server for dial-in access to nine different hosts. Modem management software allows for tracking and monitoring of calls (16,000 connected calls in February, 1995).
10. Faculty computers were inventoried and assessed for suitability for the network. Minimum machine guidelines were determined for necessary upgrades/purchases to make them useable.

SHORT TERM GOALS (1-2 years)

1. Provide fiber cable to all campus buildings, including dorms.
2. Provide distribution hubs for all buildings needing network access.
3. Provide network access in common/accessible areas such as Gordinier, the Student Memorial Center, library and general computer labs. There is a need to find MAJOR funding to bring all common computer laboratories on-line to the network and the Internet.
4. Acquire one or more terminal servers to accommodate more modem access to the network.
5. Secure a position within the university to seve as a trainer of users (Faculty, Staff, Administration) of the network as well as a planner of related activities. This position needs to be on this activity full-time.
6. Recommend appropriate E-mail software that allows electronic mail to be stored and forwarded to "turned-off" computers upon restart.
7. Accelerate training of staff to share in the responsibility for supprting network hardware, software, and utilization.
8. Establish policies for off-campus users.
9. Provide dial-in SLIP/PPP connectivity. Look into distant access phone lines and 800-number access.
10. Create and maintain a campus White Pages listing (addresses of people and places on campus).
11. Work actively on a Campus Wide Information System.

LONG TERM GOALS (rest of decade):

1. Make all support offices transparently accessible on the MU Wide Area Network.
2. Have individual dorm rooms network ready.
3. Make robust kiosks available for Campus Wide Information Services, account access, announcements, etc.
4. Install level 5 wiring (latest standards for wiring) in all buildings.
5. Continue to upgrade hubs and connectivity equipment (T3 or greater).
6. There is a need for the university to find funds to replace outdated and evolving network equipment (hubs, terminal servers, etc.).

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