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Faculty Senate Minutes

7 February 1995

TO: Faculty Senate
FROM: Joel B. Piperberg
Chairperson, Academic Standards Committee
Geraldine Benson (1996), Library
Darrell Davis (ex-officio), Director of Admissions
Cheryl Desmond (1995), Educational Foundations
Stuart Foreman (1995), English
Mariano Gonzalez (ex-officio), Registrar
Delray Schultz (1997), Mathematics
Irene Sigler (1997), Mathematics
Judith Wenrich (1997), Elementary & Early Childhood Education
Rachel Wywadis (ex-officio), Associate Registrar
Carolyn Yoder (1996), Chemistry
Student Senate Representatives to the ASC

Brenda Cook
Mike DiTommaso
Nicole Edwards
Brenda Stoker
Date: February 7, 1995

1. The Academic Standards Committee met on january 18 and January 19, 1995 to hear the appeals of those students dismissed at the end of the Fall 1994 semester. The following table summarizes the results for this semester:

Categories Number (%)
1. Total number of dismissals 118
2. Total number of appeals 53 (45%)
3. Number of appeals granted 35 (66% of the total appeals)
4. Number of dismissals upheld 18 (34% of the total appeals)

Every student received verbal notification of the Committee's decision immediately following the hearing and a formal (written) notification approximately one week later from the Committee Chairperson. Students whose appeals were granted received recommendations appropriate to their needs (e.g., counseling, academic advisement, career planning, repetition of courses) in order to assist them in quickly reestablishing satisfactory academic standing. The number of appeals upheld this semester is comparable to those granted during these meetings for the past five years.

Hearings for students appealing their dismissals for the Spring 1995 semester will be held in June, 1995. The specific dates will be determined at a later date.

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