Millersville University, Faculty Senate

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Faculty Senate Minutes

4 April 1995

To: Millersville University Faculty Senate
From: Dr. William G. Smith, Chair, Department of Philosophy
and Colleen Stameshkin, Philosophy Department Representative
to the Faculty Senate
Date: March 31, 1995
Re: Recommendation of John Ellsworth Winter for
Professor of Philosophy Emeritus

On March 31, 1995, the Philosophy Department voted to recommend Dr. John Ellsworth Winter for emeritus status, and forward this recommendtion to the Faculty Senate.

WHEREAS, Dr. John Ellsworth Winter, is happy to report that he is still alive and thankful to be so; and

WHEREAS, Dr. John Ellsworth Winter retired in the spring of 1994 from his duties at the Millersville University, after thirty years of dedicated service to the Philosophy Department and prior to that department's establishment, to the Social Studies Department; and

WHEREAS, Dr. John Ellsworth Winter has been known by his students and his colleagues to be a superb teacher, who genuinely loved teaching and his students, who successfully inspired his students with a love of philosophy and a fear of doing less than their best, who was equally loved and admired by majors and philosophical novices, who introduced courses known for their originality and diverse appeal, such as Death and Dying, World Religions, Philosophical Anthropology, and Oriental Philosophy, and who is proud of the fact that there are 11 people on the Millersville staff who are former students of his; and

WHEREAS, Dr. John Ellsworth Winter served the philosophy department in many capacities over his thirty years of teaching, but is appreciated especially for his years as department chair, from 1980 to 1993, during which period, he significantly improved the department in a number of ways, including bringing about a marked increase in the number of philosophy majors while also improving their average quality, introducing and popularizing the philosophy minor, successfully guiding the department through the implementation of the new general education requirements, maintaining through hiring and other policies the department's strong commitment to teaching, and especially, promoting a strong sense of collegiality and appreciation of differences within the department; and

WHEREAS, Dr. John Ellsworth Winter combined his scholarship with his passionate commitment as an "unreconstructed liberal" in his contributions defending human rights presented at forums at all levels, from local to international, including a paper delivered at the World Congress of Philosophy; and

WHEREAS, Dr. John Ellsworth Winter served the University community well over his tenure at Millersville, serving on the search committees which selected Vice-President Reighard, Dean Hoffman, three Humanities and Social Sciences deans; he also served on the Promotion and Tenure, Sabbatical Leave, Professional Standards, International Affairs, Commencement, Faculty-Student Athletic, and Gerontology committees, and on the APSCUF Grievance Committee. He also served informally as Gadfly to the University; and

WHEREAS, Dr. John Ellsworth Winter was well known in the community for his public speaking, for his work with the mental health movement in York, with Compassionate Friends in Lancaster, and, with his wife Elva, helping battered and abused women;

Be it therefore resolved that Dr. John Ellsworth Winter be granted the honorary title of Professor of Philosophy Emeritus.

Proposed Motion: The Faculty Senate of Millersville University recommends John Ellsworth Winter to the Council of Trustees for approval as Professor of Philosophy Emeritus.

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