Millersville University, Faculty Senate

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Faculty Senate Minutes

13 June 1995

Whereas Associate Professor of Mathematics Charles Van Gorden has retired after twenty six years of service to Millersville University; and

whereas recognitions of Van Gorden's teaching excellence span four decades, from being selected as Lancaster County "Teacher of the Year" by the Kiwanis Club of Lancaster in 1962 to being selected on of the three finalists for the "Excellence in Teaching Award" by the United Campus Ministry in 1995; and

whereas Van Gorden in 1994 was inducted by former students as an honorary member of the National Honor Society; and

whereas Van Gorden, long before the implementation of A.D.A. guidelines, was one of the first advocates on campus for physically challenged students;

whereas Van Gorden has worked individually with dozens of Millersville University students with learning disabilities and visual impairments, including a legally blind student who went on to graduate school; and

whereas Van Gorden has directed the Millersville University Mathematics Department's High School Math Contest for the last three years; and

whereas prior to the creation of the Computer Science Department Van Gorden retrained in computer science, taught eight computer science courses, and chaired for two years the Mathematics Department's Computer Science Committee; and

whereas Van Gorden voluntarily contributed his time and talent to serving as a mentor for many new faculty; and

whereas for one quarter of a century Van Gorden's wisdom, humanity, and integrity have been an inspiration and a model for the faculty of the Mathematics Department;

therefore be it resolved that Charles Van Gorden be named Associate Professor of Mathematics Emeritus.

unanimously adopted by the Department of Mathematics the third day of May in the year nineteen hundred ninety five;
and unanimously adopted by the Department of Computer Science the twenty ninth day of March in the year nineteen hundred ninety five.

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