Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Attachment A

Faculty Senate Minutes

5 March 1996

TO: Faculty Senate
FROM: Behnam Nakhai, Chairperson
Academic Policies Committee
RE: Proposal for Change in the Withdrawal Policy
DATE: March 5, 1996

Please consider the following rationale in relation to the proposed changes in the withdrawal policy as recorded on page 85 of the Governance Manual.

Withdrawal from a Course
[Governance Manual, P. 85]

Current Policy

A student may drop a course provided he/she has field a drop card with the Registrar's Office by the published deadline. This card requires the signature of the course instructor or his/her designee.

Up to and including the end of the third week, a student may drop a course without a grade being entered on the record. Beginnin the fourth week and up to the end of the ninth week a "WP (withdrew passint) or a "WF" (withdrew failing) grade shall be issued by the instructor. The WP grade shall not be calculated in the student's QPA; the WF grade, however, will be calculated in the student's QPA. The tenth week and thereafter a student must receive a regular grade.

Students should be aware that there is no automatic drop policy, and withdrawal from a course in accordance with the above procedure is the responsibility of the student.

During the summer session, the registrar will determine equivalent dates for the no grade, WP or WF grade or regular grade period.

Proposed Changes


There seems to be no need for the WP/WF grades. A simple "W" will fulfill the purpose of withdrawing from a course without over penalizing the student. We must assume that the student is in the posiition to make a withdrawal decision without us imposing an additional penalty.

The Registrar's records indicte that the practice at the University over the past few years has been to award WP grades. For example, during Fall 1995, compared with 479 WP grades, only 31 WF grades were assigned throughout the University.

I will be happy to further explore the rationale for the above proposal in the Senate. Thank you for your consideration.