Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Attachment A

Faculty Senate Minutes

7 May 1996

TO: Faculty Senate
FROM: Don Eidam (deidam@marauder ; 3004/ 293-9888 ; 871-2320)
DATE: 26 April 1996

-- Revised agenda for 5/7/96 (per minutes of 4/2/96):
X Report of the Curriculum Cost Analysis Task Force (Dr. James Stager, chair)
XI Report of the Class Schedule Audit Task Force (Dr. Al Hoffman, chair)
XII Proposal for Changes in MU's Class Attendance Policy

Please bring the Task Force reports distributed to you 4/2; presenters will assume we have reviewed the reports prior to the meeting.

-- Senate recommendation for which administrative response has been received on 4/24/96 (ENCLOSED):

6/14/94 Academic Amnesty
12/6/94 Incomplete Grades
12/6/94 Study Abroad
2/12/94 Admission to Major
2/21/94 Retention in Major
4/4/95 Completion of Major
10/17/95 Removal of Graduate Residency Req.
2/6/96 Academic Dishonesty

Recall that we have 30 days to respond, with an 'extension' during the summer. I suggest the following procedure: Any Senator who wishes to discuss any of the above items that have been revised may make such known no later than the end of the chairpersons' report on 5/7, whereupon it will be put at the bottom of the 5/7 agenda; if it is RTA'd it will be put at the top of the 7/11 agenda. For all other revisions, I will ask for approval by unanimous consent on 5/7.

-- Senate recommendations (excluding Emeritus) for which, according to my records, administrative response is pending:

6/13/95 Archeology Minor & Option
9/19/95 BIOL318
9/19/95 COMM422
11/07/95 PPSYC B.A. Curr. Changes
02/06/95 BIOL463
2/20/95 CHEM476
2/20/96 Minor in Biochemistry
03/05/96 Calculus Prereq. Changes
03/05/96 BIOL345
04/02/96 EDUC576
04/02/96 PSCI327
04/02/96 AFAM201
04/02/96 AFAM401
04/02/96 AFAM496
04/02/96 BIOL Admission to Major
04/02/96 BIOL254-255 Prereq.Changes
04/02/96 BIOL Curric. Changes
04/02/96 Minor in Statistics
04/16/96 +/- Grades
04/16/96 ESCI Retention in Major
04/16/96 "W" Grade
04/16/96 BUAD201
04/16/96 BUAD344
04/16/96 EDTE591
04/16/96 MATH536

-- Proposed corrections to minutes of 4/16/96:

Chairperson's Report
...Eidam said that senators who have a class Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 2 PM will give an exam or (reschedule a) teach a restructured class the next time senate meets, May 7.
...The Medal Fund, on which the chairperson represents senate, met last Firday...There are presently 187 donors with an average contribution of ($8,143) $163.
...By mail Eidam sent senators a new proposed form for graduate courses and one for everything else...Eidam asked that senate approve the (two forms) form for graduate courses and will report back next meeting with a revised form for everything else. By unanimous consent, senate approved the graduate course forms.
The Millersville University Grading System
...A T. Woo/R. Benson motion to round (up) off the quality point equivalent values on Attachment C from two to one digit to the right of the decimal point passed 14 votes to 13.

-- I have received the corrected version of the proposed "P" course, HUMN302; please contact me if you want a copy of the corrected portion.

-- The Governance Manual states, perhaps ambiguously:
"Fall Break--A 4-day break starting after the last class on Friday through Tuesday will be scheduled in the seventh or eighth week of the semester." In fact,
Fall breaks scheduled after eight weeks of classes: '89, 90, 91, 92, 95
after seven weeks of classes: '88, '93, '94, '97
after six weeks of classes: '96

-- I will send copies of the new "Undergraduate Course Proposal" and "Graduate Course Proposal" cover sheet forms to department chairs, program directors, etc., together with the form for "everything else" after you approve it. It has been revised per your suggestions and your approval will be requested on 4/7 (ENCLOSED).

-- Revision to Governance Manual, "Course and Program Approval Policies", was received from the Provost on 4/25/96 (ENCLOSED).

-- Remaining '96 meetings:
July 11 (Roddy 137)
September 3 (Fall elections)
[Fall convocation: September 5]
September 17
October 1
October 15
November 5 (First discussion of Task Force recommendation)
November 19
December 3 (Election of officers)

-- The Provost has invited representatives of Faculty Senate to attend a Faculty Forum on SSHE's strategic plan for the 21st century at Shippensburg, 5/20/96 (ENCLOSED).

-- The Senate web page ( is now accessible from the MU home page--"Academic Programs." Its content continues to increase thanks to Prof. Warmkssel.


TO: Professor Donald Eidam
Faculty Senate Chairperson
FROM: Francine G. McNairy
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
DATE: April 25, 1996

President Caputo has requested that I inform you of his approval of the following academic policies, with the understanding that the issues raised within this memorandum are reviewed and agreed upon by both the Faculty Senate and the University administration.

Admission to the Major Policy, passed by the Faculty Senate on 2/12/95

Retention in the Major Policy, passed by Faculty Senate on 2/21/95

Completion of the Major Policy, passed by the Faculty Senate on 4/4/95

Proposed Revised Completion of the Major Policy:

The completion of any major program at Millersville University requires that students must complete all courses in the major (courses in the discipline but not the required-related courses) with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0. In addition, 50 percent of the credits in the major must be completed at Millersville University. A department can neither require a cumulative grade point average higher than the 2.0 University requirement, nor require a grade point average higher than the minimum University requirement for completion of the major. (Departments have the right to establish a competency level (minimum of "C" grade) for courses in the major and required related courses.) (NOTE: This sentence has not been deleted it has been relocated to the following paragraph.)

All departments must specify the courses required for completion of the major and any additional requirements not specifically related to course work such as achievement examinations, certification examinations, and evaluation of student performance as measured against competency statements. Departments have the right to establish a competency level (minimum of "C" grade) for courses in the major and required-related courses. Proposals for special departmental requirements for completion of the major must be approved by the appropriate School Curriculum Committee, the Undergraduate Course and Program Review Committee, and the Faculty Senate. Approved requirements for completion of the major must be promulgated in the University catalog and in the Degree Audit Reporting System.

COMMENTS: It is also proposed that any special departmental requirements approved prior to April 1996 remain in effect as the requirements were originally submitted.

Incomplete Grade Policy, passed by Faculty Senate on 12/6/94.

Study Abroad Policy, passed by Faculty Senate on 12/6/94.

Academic Amnesty, passed by Faculty Senate on 6/14/94.

Proposed Revised Academic Amnesty policy:

COMMENTS: In order to administer the policy, the administration will develop a standardized application form requesting Academic Amnesty. The signature of the Associate Provost for Academic Programs and Services is intended to ensure that distributed and that the implications of requesting academic amnesty are understood by applicants. The Associate Provost for Academic Programs and Services' role of providing consistent information and ensuring student understanding should not conflict with the role of serving as the hearing officer if the Academic Standards Committee denies the petition.

Residency Requirement, Graduate Studies, passed by the Faculty Senate on 10/17/95

Academic Dishonesty Policy, passed by the Faculty Senate on 2/6/96

Please review the proposed revisions with the Faculty Senate and submit a response in the requested 30-day time period. If you have questions or would like to discuss this matter further, please contact me.


cc: Mr. Mariano Gonzalez, University Registrar
Ms. Candace Deen, Academic Information Officer
Deans' Council

Course and Program Approval Policies

A. Procedures for Reviewing Resource Impact

Course and program development and modifications frequently have serious implications for resource allocations. To assure early administrative response to the implications of a curricular proposal, proposals submitted to the school curriculum committees for evaluation will be submitted simultaneously to the appropriate school deans. The school deans may provide an assessment of the impact on resources in writing or in person to the initiating department. Nothing in this statement shall be interpreted to mean that the deans can delay or prevent courses and programs from being considered by the appropriate departmental, school, or university committee.

B. Course and Program Approval Procedure
(Content in Governance Manual remains the same)

Parallel Process
Curricular Approval Process Resource Information Sharing Process
1. Department 1. Department
2. School Curricular Committee 2. Dean
3. Undergraduate Program Review Committee 3. Associate Provost for Academic Programs and Services
4. Senate 4. Undergraduate Program Review Committee
5. Deans' Council 5. Senate
Deans' Council

Approved at Meet & Discuss 4/5/96


TO: Faculty Senators
FROM: Francine G. McNairy
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
DATE: April 25, 1996

As you may know, the State System of Higher Education has been developing a strategic plan for the System as we prepare our students for the 21st Century. A faculty forum to discuss the System's proposed strategic plan is scheduled on Monday, May 20, 1996, at Shippensburg University from 11:45 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. The Provost's Office will provide transportation and pay any associated costs for faculty participating in this forum.

For your information, faculty representatives of APSCUF, SPARC, Faculty Senate, and Department Chairpersons will be invited to attend this faculty forum. If you are willing to attend, please contact my office (Gloria Dao, x3596) as soon as possible so that travel arrangements can be coordinated.