Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Attachment B

Faculty Senate Minutes

2 April 1996

TO: Faculty Senate
FROM: Educational Foundations Department
DATE: February 2, 1996
SUBJECT: Emeritus Recommendation for Dr. Donald J. Rudy

Whereas, Dr. Donald J. Rudy has served Millersville University faithfully and diligently for fifteen and one-half years, has served in the Educational Foundations Department effectively for over five and one-half years, and has served the State System of Higher Education for approximately thirty-five years, and

Whereas, Dr. Rudy has served as the Director of the Instructional Media Center and Instructional Media Services during a time of remarkable advancement in instructional technology, of which Dr. Rudy kept the University apprised and from which he brought many technological advances in equipment, assistance, and staffing to the IMC/IMS, and

Whereas, Dr. Rudy oversaw the telecommunications efforts between the University and several local school districts whereby students on our campus could observe live teaching from these local school classrooms. In addition, Dr. Rudy oversaw the installation of various video linkages with local cable companies, satellite relay systems, and other regional and state-wide video connections and personally supervised the viewing of dozens of national and international teleconferences, and

Whereas, Dr. Rudy personally completed a series of self-instructional media projects to edify education majors in traditional and newer instructional technologies. Additionally he has supervised dozens of student workers, several graduate assistants, as well as his full time technician and support staff, and

Whereas, Dr. Rudy has tirelessly provided technological assistance to professor from every School within the University with over one hundred on-site video productions including editing assistance as these same professors developed video productions for their classroom use and he has served the University in numerous projects where his expertise in audio and visual technology has been invaluable, and

Whereas, Dr. Rudy has received high ratings from students and peers alike for his teaching of the Department's graduate course, "Methods of Research," and has served on Departmental, School, University and regional technology committees with distinction,

Be It Therefore Resolved, that the Department of Educational Foundations recommends that Dr. Donald J. Rudy be awarded the honorary title of Associate Professor of Educational Foundations, Emeritus.