Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Attachment B

Faculty Senate Minutes

1 October 1996



DATE: September 18, 1996
PRESENT: Bea Grosh, Psychology
Jill Henke, Comm & Theatre
Richard Mainzer, Special Education
Delray Schultz, Math
Jim Stager, Academic Affairs
Tracey Weis, History

I. Correction/Approval of minutes.

II. Chair's report

After initial introductions, R. Mainzer reviewed the report from last spring. Next the meeting time was discussed to find a time when all members could attend. meeting dates and time have been revised to the 2cd Wednesdays of the month. Meetings for the remainder of the year are: October 9, November 13, December 12, February 12, March 12, April 9, and May 14.

III. Old business

Newsletter: Some discussion whether to have the newsletter somewhere on the web linked to the Senate page. No decision.
Stager: Jim Stager shared information on the SSHE sponsored workshop with Dr. James Nichols. He indicated that he was seeking registrants for the 11/4 to attend with him. Jill Henke and R. Mainzer indicated that they would attend.
Jim also shared the draft policy from SSHE resource committee and shared the draft of the middlestates framework.
use of professional development assessment grants or the university grants were discussed to support a follow-up workshop with Dr. Nichols here at MU. No one indicated they would have time to meet the Oct. 1 deadline, but R. Mainzer volunteered to write a grant over the semester break. Jim indicated that he had the assessment budget, and could support some activities.
All new professional staff were given a copy of two of Dr. Nichols books. Jim indicated that he would also send copies to all committee members.
Brown Bag Lunch: Tracey Weis reported that she was making plans for the "brown bag" lunch follow-up to the Spring 95 workshop. At present she is projecting Oct 15 or 16 for the brown bag lunch.

IV. New business