Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Attachment B

Faculty Senate Minutes

5 November 1996


DATE: November 1, 1996
TO: Faculty Senate
FROM: Verne Hauck, Acting Chair
RE: Departmental Handbook Policy

Current Policy

The Governance Manual nor the College Catalog address guidelines or procedures for Departmental Curriculum Committees to follow, for the development, maintenance, or approval, of Departmental "Handbooks" or "Guidebooks". There are no established standards to follow for the development of these support materials. This committee considers that the University Catalog is a vinding contract with the student.



Faculty members in Academic Departments have found it beneficial to elaborate on curricular requirements and compile these requirements into the form of a handbook or guidebook. These detailed requirements are provided to the students and designed to be used as an advisement tool. Having an understanding that the curriculum is in a state of constant change, it becomes the responsibility of the Departmental Curriculum Committee to ensure that the handbook/guidebook is consistent with the College Catalog. Based on the small number of inconsistencies noted between the Catalog and departmental handbooks/guidebooks, no action is recommended at this time for a central screening process.