Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Attachment C

Faculty Senate Minutes

6 February 1996

TO: Faculty Senate
FROM: Economics Department
RE: Resolution for Emeritus Status for Associate Professor Secunderabad N. Leela
DATE: February 2, 1996


WHEREAS: Secunderabad N. Leela, Associate Professor: Economics Department, retired as of January 5, 1996, after 27 years of service to Millersville University; and

WHEREAS: Professor Leela has been a dedicated member of the Economics Department; and

WHEREAS: Professor Leela taught seven different Economics courses during her teaching career including International Economics, Environmental Economics, and Asian Economics; and

WHEREAS: Professor Leela successfully introduced "Women and Global Economic Development"; an undergraduate course approved Fall, 1995; and

WHEREAS: Professor Leela provided leadership as Acting Director of the Center for Economic Education; and

WHEREAS: Professor Leela served as department Senator for 8 years; and

WHEREAS: Professor Leela served as an academic advisor to numerous students; and

WHEREAS: Professor Leela demonstrated high professional standards in guiding students to present papers at student research conferences; and

WHEREAS: Professor Leela served as either a member or chair of numerous Unviersity committees including the international Studies, Social Studies Curriculum, and 1996-97 Academic Theme Committees; and

WHEREAS: Professor Leela served as either a member of chair of numerous department committees including the Search, Promotion and Tenure, and Curriculum Committees; as well as secretary at Department meetings; and

WHEREAS: Professor Leela published papers on Asian economics and presented papers at conferences;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED: That Associate Professor Secunderabad N. Leela be granted the honorary title of Associate Professor of Economics Emeritus.