Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Attachment C

Faculty Senate Minutes

7 May 1996

Course and Program Approval Policies

A. Procedures for Reviewing Resource Impact

Course and program development and modifications frquently have serious implications for resource allocations. To assure early administrative response to the implications of a curricular proposal, proposals submitted to the school curriculum committees for evaluation will be submitted simultaneously to the appropriate school deans. The school deans may provide an assessment of the impact on resources in writing or in person to the initiating department. Nothin in this statement shall be interpreted to mean that the deans can delay or prevent courses and programs from being considered by the appropriate departmental, school, or university committee.

B. Course and Program Approval Procedure

(Content in Governance Manual remains the same)

Parallel Process

Curricular Approval Process Resource Information Sharing Process
1. Department 1. Department
2. School Curricular Committee 2. Dean
3. Undergraduate Program Review Committee 3. Associate Provost for Academic Programs and Services
4. Senate 4. Undergraduate Program Review Committee
5. Deans' Council 5. Senate
/TD> 6. Deans' Council

Approved at Meet & Discuss 4/5/96


1. Is this a general education course? ___Yes ___No

2. Is this course a requirement___ or an elective___ for the
a. Major___ b. Minor___ c. Option___?

3. If this course is required, how many sections will be offered to meet the needs of majors during each semester?

How will offering this course affect the capacity of the department to offer other courses in general education, if applicable, and other courses in the major/minor/option?

4. Identify the sequencing of how this course will be offered.

___Every Fall ___Every Spring ___Only in Summer
___Every Semester ___Other (Please Explain)

5. What will either not be offered when this course is scheduled or deleted from the department's courses inventory?

6. What is the expected enrollment of the course?___

7. Attach a copy of the advising blue sheet or a DARS DOCUMENT that reflects the current and proposed revisions for required courses in the major/minor/option.

Does this course require students to increase the number of credits in order to complete the degree? ___Yes ___No ___To what extent?___# of Credits

8. How does this course impact other programs, departments, and units within the university?

9. Will this course require additional faculty complement? If not, how does the department plan to teach the course within existing complement?

10. How will this course affect the departmental student-faculty ratio?