Millersville University, Faculty Senate

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Faculty Senate Minutes

20 February 1996

Campus-Wide Information System To Go Global

Now under construction is MU's Campus-wide Information System, known as CWIS, which will electronically link students, faculty, staff and off-campus audiences to a wealth of information about the University. The official Unviersity home page on the World Wide Web is scheduled to be up and running by April 15.

In December 1995, the President's Advisory Council approved the development of the wide-ranging CWIS project and made it a campus priority this year. Using the World Wide Web, MU will establish a home page and create linkages to information about admissions, academic program descriptions, directories and maps of campus, University calendar, among others. On campus, CWIS can be accessed from computer labs, offices, residence halls and a series of kiosks.

Touch-screen computer kiosks will be located in the SMC, Gordinier Hall and the Library this year. In the future, kiosks will be added at other sites on campus.

The first phase of the project, to be completed this April, will focus on creating standards and policies for all official web pages, establishing a development team to assist departments and offices to create home pages, and setting up the official MU home page. The CWIS Standards Committee will present a set of drafts standards for comment in the next issue of the Exchange. The committee is chaired by Amy Dmitzak, university advancement, and includes Khalid Chaudhary, academic computing, Jim Gawn, administrative computing, Dr. Theresa Russell-Loretz, communication/theatre, Joseph Revelt, Institutional research, and Dr. Jeri Robinson, art.

The CWIS Development Committee has established project teams to create home pages. Khalid Chaudhary chairs the committee, which also includes Scott Anderson, library, James Gawn, Susan Gray, CIT, Chris Lohr, academic computing, Laurie Knox, academic computing, Troy Isaak, educational foundations, Alfonso Pena-Ramos, public relations, and Revelt and Dr. Robinson.

In the second phase, additional information--such as on-line registration, access to financial aid information, and psying bills--will be linked to the home page.

Eventually, CWIS may include the Governance Manual, catalogues and semester schedules, an institutional factbook, the Millersville Exchange and other publications.

According to Dr. James Stager, associate vice president for academic affairs and a member of the CWIS Administrative Oversight Team, some tdepartments are already on-line with information about their programs, and many home pages are now under construction. CWIS will enable coordination of all official University information through the MU home page.

Also serving on the oversight team are Dmitzak, Dr. Charlene Jaeger, student affairs, and Tony Mordosky, computing & information technologies.

Departments that want to begin working on a home page should contact Chaudhary at ext.3667.

Status of Web Pages

Project/Department Information Providers Support Contact Developer Status
1 Academic Computing Chris Lohr Chris Lohr Chris Lohr Development
2 Admissions Susan Gray Susan Gray Tim Funk Development
3 Biology Larry Reinking Laurie Knox Dave Shaffer Development
4 Business Administration Doug Frazer/
Bill Krumske
Chris Lohr Collecting information
5 Campus Information Poncho Pena-Ramon Khalid Chaudhary KMC/Linda Steinmetz Development
6 Chemistry Sandra Turchi Laurie Knox Dave Shaffer Development
7 Columbus Project Tom Tirado Chris Lohr Tom Tirado Development
8 Computer Science Roger Webster Laurie Knox Online
9 Continuing Education Karen Cassidy Chris Lohr Collecting information
10 Cooperative Education Diane Fleishman Chris Lohr Collecting information
11 Earth Sciences Russ deSouza/
Steve Fierro
Laurie Knox Steve Fierro Online
12 Economics Marvin Margolis Khalid Chaudhary Khalid Chaudhary Collecting informationa
13 Educational Foundations Troy Isaak Chris Lohr Collecting information
14 English Bonnie Duncan Chris Lohr Bonnie Duncan Development
15 Food Services Joe Yourgal Laurie Knox Online
16 Foreign Languages Fred Oppenheimer Khalid Chaudhary Khalid Chaudhary Development
17 Fritz Project Fritz Erickson Laurie Knox Collecting information
18 Geography Kathy Schreiber Chris Lohr Collecting information
19 History Tom Tirado Chris Lohr Tom Tirado Development
20 Holocaust Project Tom Tirado Tom Tirado Tom Tirado Development
21 Human Resources Diana Lyon Khalid Chaudhary Khalid Chaudhary Development
22 Industry and Technology Keith Lauderbach Chris Lohr Keith Lauderbach Development
23 Library Scott Anderson Chris Lohr Scott Anderson Development
24 Math Bruce Ikenaga Laurie Knox Bruce Ikenaga Development
25 MU Home Page Design Khalid Chaudhary Khalid Chaudhary Collecting information
26 Physical Education Jerry Swope Khalid Chaudhary Collecting information
27 Physics Pat Cooney Laurie Knox Tim Funk Development
28 Political Science Loretta Humbel Chris Lohr Collecting information
29 Psychology Bill Moyer Khalid Chaudhary Khalid Chaudhary Development
30 Public Relations Poncho Pena-Ramos Chris Lohr Collecting information
31 Religious Life Ed Malesic Khalid Chaudhary Khalid Chaudhary Development
32 Sociology Hank Fischer Chris Lohr Collecting information
33 Student Organizations Kathy DiSanto Laurie Knox Collecting information
34 The Snapper Gene Ellis Laurie Knox Collecting information
35 Wellness Center Kathy DiSanto Laurie Knox Collecting information
36 White Pages Laurie Knox Laurie Knox Laurie Knox Development
37 WIXQ Ralph Anttonen Laurie Knox Tim Funk Development