Millersville University, Faculty Senate

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Faculty Senate Minutes

20 February 1996

20 February 1996

TO: Faculty Senate
FROM: Music Department
SUBJECT: Resolution for Emeritus Status for Associate Professor John Colangelo

WHEREAS John W. Colangelo has announced his retirement from the Music Faculty of Millersville University after twenty-eight years of teaching; and

WHEREAS Professor Colangelo has brought great honor to the university through his musical performance on and off campus, thus also attracting many students to his departmental studio; and

WHEREAS he has brought continued inspiration to faculty and students alike for his oustanding musicianship in performance on clarinet and saxophone; and

WHEREAS in his teaching Professor Colangelo has raised the sights and capabilities of hundreds of students, many of whom have in turn honored themselves, their performance instructor and the entire department and university because of his expert teaching; and

WHEREAS he has contributed mightily to curriculum development from the outset of the music degree program, including the valuable, even if uninitiated "Colangelo Plan;" and

WHEREAS he has been a major force in departmental student recruitment, organizing and reporting on these important activities; and

WHEREAS in his role as Assistant Chairperson he has coordinated and attended to untold numbers of student auditions, maintenance and custodial concerns, and other responsibilities too numerous to mention;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Music Faculty of Millersville thank and congratulate Prof. Colangelo for the many assets and contributions he has brought to us and to our students; and further

BE IT RESOLVED that we commit ourselves to continuing the good work with which he has so bounteously blessed us, our students, and the university; and

BE IT RESOLVED that we take his example in performance and teaching as a continuing source of inspiration as we pursue his level of excellence in these regards; and further

BE IT RESOLVED we wish him and his lovely wife Audrey a long and happy period of retirement, filled with music making and listening and all the other pleasures of life relieved of professional duty in this department and university; and finally

BE IT RESOLVED that we recommend Mr. Colangelo for the rank of Associate Professor of Music Emeritus.

1 February 1996
LeonaFrances Woskowiak, Chairperson