Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Attachment F

Faculty Senate Minutes

3 December 1996


WHEREAS Dr. Gerald S. Weiss has announced his retirement from the Chemistry Department of Millersville University after 30 years of teaching; and

WHEREAS he has inspired both students and faculty through his constant pursuit of high ideals in education; and

WHEREAS he has become the departmental leader in the development and presentation of chemical demonstrations; and

WHEREAS he has served the University as Department Chairman, President of MU-APSCUF, Faculty Senate Chair, and on numerous campu-wide and departmental committees; and

WHEREAS he has been instrumental in developing Chemistry 251, Cooperative Education at Millerville, and the present general education curriculum; and

WHEREAS he has served the community as local section chair of the American Chemical Society; and

WHEREAS he was instrumental in the hiring of 40% of the current faculty in the Chemistry Department;

NOW BE IT RESOLVED that the Chemistry Faculty of Millersville University thank and congratulate Dr. Weiss for his many contributions to the life of the University; and further

BE IT RESOLVED that we remain ever inspired by his endless pursuit of high scholarly achievements; and

BE IT RESOLVED that we wish him much continued success and happiness that his retirement will bring him and his wife, Rebecca, and finally

BE IT RESOLVED that the Faculty in the Chemistry Department unanimously recommend that Dr. Gerald S. Weiss be granted the rank of Professor Emeritus of Chemistry.