Millersville University, Faculty Senate
18 March 1997

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Chairperson D. Eidam called the meeting to order at 4:10 p.m. in Chryst Hall, Room 210. All departme ntal senators attended except those from the Business Administration, Communications and Theater, Earth Sciences, Educational Foundations, History, and Political Science Departments. Student senate president P. Leahy attended for student senate.

Senate approved the 25 February 1997 special meeting and 4 March 1997 regular meeting minutes with the following addition: HIST 209: Women in United States History is requesting G3 credit. Last Spring senate voted that any course proposals coming to senate after June 1996 must use the new course proposal form.


Chairperson's Report

Chairperson D. Eidam said senate has a vacancy on the General Education Review Committee from non-school for a term that expires in August 1997. Senate will attempt to fill the vacancy for three consecutive meetings. The election will be on the next senate agenda.

Assistant to the President for Special Projects, L. Suskie, will make her presentation on April 15, 1997. She is not available on 1 April 1997. Eidam has sent a letter to chairpersons of departments that need to elect s enators this Spring between 1 April and 31 May 1997. The term will go from 1997 to 2000. Eidam has presented senate with a draft copy of the 44 vacancies that senate will fill in September. The difficulty is that the election would be on the first day of classes.

Senate could do nothing and take a chance that it will fill the vacancies at the meeting. Eidam suggested alternate possibilities. Eidam could prepare the final form of the Committee Elections document over Spring break and send it to senators. Senate would open nominations immediately so that people could nominate candidates for the Fall open positions this Spring. Another possibility would postpone the traditional senate elections meeting until the second Tuesday in S eptember. This may present a difficulty for committees that want to start early in the semester. That would be easier and faster. Eidam entertained motions about what to do. A R. Wismer/J. Lynch motion to open nominations by 1 April 1997 for the Fall elections passed.

Ex-officio senator S. Centola's father passed away. Eidam asked for senate's blessings in sending Centola's father a sympathy letter. Senate secretary M. Margolis is unavailable for the 1 and 15 April 1997 senate meetin gs. Secretary elect B. Schneller can serve as secretary on 15 April 1997 but is unavailable on 1 April 1997. Eidam called for a volunteer secretary on 1 April 1997.

Student Senate President

Student Senate President P. Leahy said that student senate's major project is the student allocations process. Student senate plans an allocation meeting for Myers Hall 24 April 1997.

Administrative Officers

Vice President for Academic Affairs

Vice President for Academic Affairs, F. McNairy, asked senators to share the following information with their departments. The SSHE Board of Governors has decided to require the following for new proposals. We m ust demonstrate that we are not duplicating efforts within the SSHE or within the state. The best way to demonstrate that is to show how we are collaborating with programs within the SSHE sister institutions in close proximity or be able to document why our program if it duplicates others is critically necessary. This is being emphasized by the secretary of education. This secretary seems very serious about raising this issue.

In some previous proposals, schools have submitted the statement of a collaborative proposal with another school. That statement will no longer be sufficient. As the departments think about new programs that may exist o r may not even exist at all, part of the departmental planning should include who might we collaborate within the system and the region. We do not want our proposals blocked from lack of documentation. The provost will share the information with the depar tment chairs but she thought it was important for senate to know the program review process begins with the department and comes through the senate. While minors do not need Board of Governors approval, majors and graduate programs do.

Vice President for Student Affairs

Speaking for Vice President for Student Affairs, R. Thomas, Associate Vice President for Student Development, C. Jaeger, said that at the last senate meeting R. Thomas mentioned that students entering for the Fa ll semester would move in over Labor Day weekend. He asked if a representative from each department could come on Labor Day weekend for a new student-faculty picnic. Jaeger was here today to hear the results of the poll of the faculty. Several senators re ported that a poll of their department indicated that a faculty member there would attend.

Associate Provost for Academic Administration

Associate Provost for Academic Administration J. Stager said senators received a notice from him a few days ago about an outcome assessment workshop. He has received a pleasing response, almost 60 people respond ed. Stager does not know the exact hours of the second day. Stager said to let him know what your constraints are to attend. He will try to accommodate as many people as possible. How the breakdown occurs depends upon who attends the workshops.

Stager put on the table an announcement of a general education assessment workshop that is being held by the SSHE in Harrisburg on April 17-18, 1997, a Thursday and Friday (see Attachment A). The SSHE is hoping that eac h institution will send about a dozen faculty to this workshop. Some people have already volunteered to attend. Let Stager know your interest in this. MU can not send more than 12 people. Stager will get vans to go up on Thursday. Some people may be able to stay overnight.

Associate Provost for Academic Programs

Associate Provost for Academic Programs, J. Roller, said several people have asked her where MU stands with regard to enrollment management. The administration has an enrollment management committee composed of administrators and faculty. There is also representation from student advisement and admissions.

Committee Reports

Undergraduate Course and Program Review Committee

Undergraduate Course and Program Review Committee chairperson, R. Wismer, introduced several Music Department proposals under the one meeting rule. The back of the written proposal includes the proposals group containing 20 or more half credit courses. The written proposal is too large to include in the minutes. See the Music Department for a copy. Four proposals are in the middle third of the document. The curricula needs revising to reflect t he new courses. The curricular changes are in the front of the document. All music major, minor, and option requirements have been revised. The department is asking one meeting approval so that the new proposals can take effect in the Fall. MU can offer t he courses in the Fall if senate approves them at its next meeting. Senate agreed that not only the program changes but also the courses themselves would fall under the one meeting rule.

Joint Senate Conference Committee

Joint Senate Conference Committee chairperson, J. Piperberg, said the committee met concerning the four year commitment. The committee's report needed significant rearrangement and the committee has not finished that job. Piperberg hopes to have the final report for senate at the next meeting.

Academic Outcome Assessments Committee

Academic Outcome Assessments Committee chairperson, R. Mainzer, said the committee had completed a newsletter that will come out soon.

Faculty Emeritus

A M. Warmkessel/C. Heintzelman motion to recommend Sarojini Lotlikar as Assistant Professor of Librarianship emeritus passed unanimously (See Attachment B).

A R. Mainzer/A. Borger-Reese motion to recommend Linus Czap as Professor of Special Education emeritus passed unanimously (see Attachment C).

Proposed Courses

Senate approved three undergraduate and two graduate courses:

MATH 269: Calculus and Actuarial Science Problem Solving Seminar, a new one credit hour course to be first offered Spring 1998.

HIST 209: Women in United States History, a new three credit hour G3 General Education Writing (non-liberal arts core) course first offered as a topics course in the Spring and Fall of 1995 and to be first offered Spring 1998.

WSTU 491: Topics in Women's Studies, a one to four credit hour new non-general education elective topics course to be first offered in the Fall of 1997 or Spring of 1998.

Graduate Courses

PSYC 517: Tests and Measurements, a new three credit hour graduate elective course to be first offered in the Spring of 1997.

BIOL 647: Chesapeake Bay System, a new four credit hour graduate course to be first offered in the Fall of 1997.


Faculty Senate Elections

Senate needed to replace S. Lotlikar on the University Theme Committee, a nonschool position ending in 1998. Chairperson D. Eidam called for nominations. Senate elected I. Wheeler of the Counseling and Human Develop ment Department to complete Lotlikar's term.

Report of the General Education Review Committee

Senate returned to the report of the General Education Task Force of 19 November 1996 (See Attachment A, page 4174, of the 4 March 1997 senate meeting minutes for a report of what motions senate has passed so fa r). Chairperson D. Eidam called upon General Education Review Committee chairperson and senator C. Stameshkin who submitted three motions (see Attachment D). A C. Stameshkin/R. Mainzer motion to extend debate for 30 minutes on senate' s response to the Report of the General Education Task Force passed.

Debate began on Motion #1: Replace Item #4, phase 2 with the following: "If the faculty fails to approve a revised general education curriculum by Fall, 1999, that resolves the issue of whether or not some or all label re quirements should be kept, label requirements will be eliminated as of Fall 1999." Senators introduced two amendments to Motion #1. One failed and one passed. However, senate defeated the amended main Motion #1.

J. Piperberg/J. Lynch moved a revised Motion #1. The wording was the same as the previous Motion #1 except for the last sentence. Instead of "….label requirements will be eliminated as of Fall 1999," the replacement was ." After considerable debate, the revised Motion #1 passed upon a call for division. The vote was 14 senators for and 7 against.

Senator C. Stameshkin moved Motion #2: That we strike item #3, phase 1, abolishing the C/Q requirement. After considerable debate, the motion failed.

Chairperson D. Eidam noted that the 30 minute time limit had expired and that senate automatically defaulted to the next agenda item. He also said that senate had to report to the General Education Task Force by 5 March 1997. However, he expected the Task Force to accept senate motions passed today.

Program Approval

Senate approved the: Applied Mathematics Option

Expansion of the Academic Standards Committee

At the last meeting senate voted to increase the size of the Academic Standards Committee from 7 to 11 individuals (See Attachment B, page 4175, of the 4 March 1997 meeting minutes). Committee chairperson J. Piperbe rg's motion that senate hold elections at the next meeting (1 April 1997) to elect the four new members passed.

Senate adjourned
at 5:20 PM. The next meeting will be Tuesday, 1 April 1997, from 4:05 - 5:45 p.m. in Chryst 210.

Respectfully submitted,

Marvin Margolis, Secretary
Faculty Senate
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